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Emily is the stage name of the girl who's taking the adult services world by storm. Since turning legal age less than two months ago, she has defined a new category of erotic companionship, of which she is the only proprietor. There was growing demand for a scoop, my editor told me, on just what Emily's services are like. The problem was, with a reported mortality rate of 80%, there just weren't any firsthand accounts to work from, and reporters aren't exactly clamoring to cover this new fad. Fo

"When you said it's not a date, what did you mean?" Sara asked, wrapping herself around my arm.
"I meant what I said. You're too young for me, so I'm just entertaining my friend's kid sister for a day."
"Even if that 'kid' sister is a full grown adult who's been picturing you naked?" She punctuated her point by burying my arm between her sizable breasts.
"That would be inappropriate," I insisted, though I'm sure she noticed how stiff I was getting down below. "And I'd be a fool to let someone li

"Do you think this guy was older than Shin?" I asked Poco as I helped to guide the poor sap's legs into her eager pussy. "It's hard to tell but I think the length of a year is different here," I mused.
"Mm, don't know, don't care. He was old enough to act like he knew what he was doing and he tastes absolutely scrumptious now," she replied between pleasured moans.
"You sure? I wouldn't call literally climbing into your love canal acting like he knew what he was doing."
"Hey, he crept into our ro

"I wonder if we'll get any freshmen to join the club."
Chas was sitting in the club room, futzing around on his phone. Von and Mills, the only other two members, were similarly killing time at vore club. The first round of afternoon classes for the semester had ended, but it wasn't yet dinner hour. The current members of vore club had time, but not much in the way of motivation.
"I hope we get someone, so the club doesn't die off," mused Von, nominally the club president, although he didn't seem

Lilia, wake up!"
"...nnnhnnhhhgh. Morning already? Why's it so dark?" Bleary-eyed, the young magical girl rolled over in bed. The all-too serious face of her twin was illuminated by the glow from their matching Crystal Hearts. Lilia's was set in a tiara at her bed side. Her twin Ata-chan's was embedded in her chest just below the collar bone.
"It's 7am, but the Witching Hour has started. It's not going to get bright out until the maelstrom's influence has pass

Poco's ears perked up, her tail swishing excitedly from under her skirt, long before the victim of her attention noticed us. He was bent over in the field, probably sweating under the sunlight beating down on us. "Lookit him!" she murmured. "He's so chubby!" She was practically licking her lips.
"You really like those forever alone types, don't you?" I replied, feigning disinterest, although of course she was right in assuming I'd help her.

"Welcome home!" Chika immediately sat her enormous boobs on Ichi's head. "You're as small as ever!" she remarked cheerfully, and it was true. His stature was like that of a grade-schooler, and his build was slight as well. If it weren't for the hints of stubble on his face, one could easily mistake Ichi for someone much younger than he was. "I guess you've been naughty, huh?"
His nonplussed expression, buried under Chika's extensive mammaries, was unfortunat

At first it was an accident.
It started when I was hiding in my (step)sister Arri's closet, watching her and her friends hang out for a sleepover. Yes, I realize that's sort of a creepy thing to do, and no, I don't have an excuse. I've made some choices I regret, OK?
Anyway, she and her friends were having some awesome girl time and I was hoping to join them, but then it got weirdly intimate, some clothes were taken off, and pretty soon I was peeking irresponsibly through the cra

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I upped a couple stories lately that havent gotten any comments yet which frankly is bumming me out a little. but it also got me thinking.

the stories ive written have some big differences in views and favs, aside from just which one is older. but its not always the ones i expect that get lots of favs. i dont entirely see a trend and i was wondering if anyone else has any ideas.

like, ones i spent a lot of time on and are long with multiple vore scenes are a tossup. sometimes they do well and sometimes they dont do as well as short single scenes
macro/micro seems to do a lot worse than same size which is too bad because i like both about evenly
fatal vs nonfatal seems to be a tossup too
modern day settings with high school to college characters...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by FoxyCarter 1 year ago Report

Hey there! Not sure if you're active on this site anymore, but I just wanted to say that your stories are some of the best unbirth works I've ever read. I still find myself revisiting them even now, years after I first read them.

I'm not sure if you take commissions, but on the off chance you do, I've got an unbirth themed idea that I think you'd do a phenomenal job with.

I can't PM you, so if you're interested, please contact me via any of the methods outlined at the bottom of my own "commission status" tab.


Posted by Omnium51 4 years ago Report

I've really enjoyed your writing for years now, and I just wanted to let you know that your stories are fantastic. I'm always stoked when you post new stuff! You were one of the biggest inspirations for me to join this site and post my own writing, so thank you for that and for the great content!

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Posted by luckyB 6 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! XD


Posted by marloweny 6 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by TheTastefulGentlman 7 years ago Report

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Why thank you kind sir or madam, and might I say that I do very much enjoy your works


Posted by Shrapnel333 10 years ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by Agora 10 years ago Report

Popping your Shout Box's cherry to thank a man of discerning taste!

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