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Miss Martin sat on a luxurious silk throne, looking up with her eyes closed and her mouth opened. Her belly was spilled onto the floor in front of her, filled with thousands of writhing shapes. From a plank above her mouth, one chubby little boy after another happily jumped down her throat, the line of them never ending. All of them were singing about how they couldn't wait to dissolve away inside her guts and make her bigger and more beautiful.
When Miss Martin woke up, she was a bit s

Miss Martin rolled over in bed, her car-sized belly sloshing as it shifted weight. All 23 boys she had eaten the previous day were completely dissolved and their liquid remains were being absorbed by her intestines. Most people, when they eat too much, feel very nauseous and unpleasant. For amazons, however, feeling their bloated guts full of food makes them feel blissful and relaxed. As she rolled over, she remembered her toys. She had been too full after her lunch to finish her dinner,

Hot Dog Eating Contest
Cameron had unusual taste for a boy his age. Most young boys, just starting puberty and figuring out their identities, were into sports stars or video games. He, however, was fascinated by Amazons, the huge, powerful women who eat people alive. Something about an attractive woman being that large and powerful made him feel strange. His favorite was Amy Hodge. At 18 feet tall, she was big even for an amazon, and she could eat almost her entire body weight in one sit

Day 1
Miss Martin had been waiting all year for this vacation. It cost a fortune, but she could certainly afford it. She looked at the brochure as she walked into the resort. "Amazon Retreats: Dine to your heart's content!" On it was an image of an enormous woman lounging by a pool, devouring a helpless young woman. Of course, preferences were catered to, and Miss Martin would be receiving a supply of young, chubby boys instead. Normally, at home she would eat anywhere from 5-10 child

Gym Class
 It was a normal day at school. As normal as it can be in a world where oversized women devoured whoever they liked. It was time for gym class, something that Foster did not really like as he was not really athletic. He never understood the meaning of running behind a ball or doing whatever other action with it. Nor he could stand all the fatigue of running and such, but it was part of his academic course so he had to do it. He was much more into books and tests even if those tes

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Thank you all for the watches and favorites recently. Currently I am working on a chapter 2 for Miss Martin's Vacation, and a request for someone. If you like my writing, please tell me any ideas for future stories you have, or even any things you'd like to see Miss Martin do next!

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I just love it when a teacher casualy eats her class XD


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To be honest PTG is a world that I want to design precisely myself through my ideas. but if you want to read more about it you can do that here
and by all means if you want to write a fan fic story go for it... if I like the story I might even impement it in to the ptg world and make it canon

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