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MJ was almost shaking with anticipation as she stepped out of her car. She always loved Comic-Con, and it seemed to be even bigger this time. She started to notice so many different people cosplaying as characters she instantly recognized. She went around

getting selfies with T

otoro, Cortana,



, and so many other characte

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Mary Jo had been suspecting her husband was cheating on her with a barista at the coffee shop they frequented together. The girl’s name was Kylee, and her looks alone made Mary Jo uncomfortable. The last few times she and her husband, Chris, went to get coffee she could have sworn she could see them flirting and winking at each other from the corner of her eyes. She never said anything, she wanted to get proof they were cheating. She was fairly sure they were going to Kylee’s place t

Mary was looking forward to seeing Leon today. They had talked about it and Mary was going to finally get to fuck Leon. They were both virgins so she was so excited to share this with him. She had butterflies in her stomach as she knocked on the door. When someone who wasn’t Leon answered she was slightly taken aback. She had never met this person before. Mary was never very comfortable with new people. Mary was a goo girl and that had always made people act weird around her. They seemed t

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I've been commissioning stories for a few years now but have never gotten around to setting them up in my own gallery - over the next few days I plan to upload most, if not all of the stories I've gathered over the years. Fair warning - majority of them are revolved around AV.

Also, it's probably worth pointing out I have a thing for cruel predators and unhappy endings. If that's not your thing then you might not have fun reading most of these.

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Boa no kami

Posted by Boa no kami 8 years ago Report

First time shouter eh! Well I just wanted to say again I'm sorry for the wait for the anticipated commission. I hope you get a chance to read it soon and let me know if you like. Cheers!

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