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This story is a commission paid for by cakecup, based on his idea.
Shrink Ray: Brotherly Hunger
“I can’t believe there’s no food in the kitchen,” Brad huffed as he slammed the refrigerator door shut. The handle almost slipped right out of his hands; he’d just finished working out in the backyard, and his palms, and his entire body for that matter, were covered in sweat. He quickly opened the fridge again to give it another look or two, as if the ritual of opening an

The Ginger Deduction
The neon sign above Boy Disposal, Ltd could be seen for blocks, its colourful lights flickering through the streets of Voreville. Like everything else at the giant-owned business, the sign was appropriately enormous, illuminating the night sky like a spotlight. Noticeable, but not too fancy. Just a plain white light creating the silhouette of an unlucky boy, trapped inside a red circle that blinked on and off, crossing him out over and over again with a pleasant hum. Indeed,

Choose Your Own Digestion
Billy had just fallen asleep when he was suddenly awoken by the sound of something tapping against his bedroom window. “What could that be?” He thought as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Was it a tree branch? Or some kind of animal? Strange noises were the last thing he needed. He’d been up all night sending out applications to different colleges and universities, and was hoping to sleep in, but with the tapping getting louder, he had to investiga

All Giants Go to Heaven
“I’m surprised I got invited to this boy’s funeral given that I’m the giant who ate him,” Cameron said as he crouched his way under the large arched doorway of Voreville Cathedral. At three stories tall, the doorway was just big enough for him to squeeze through, the top of his head cracking the stone masonry above. “With all the boys I’ve eaten at school, none of their families have ever invited me to a funeral... until now.&rdqu

Alpha Eats: A Giant Food Delivery App
Zach wasn’t sure why the new giant food delivery app Alpha Eats had such a high turnover rate. The app had just launched in Voreville, catering specifically to giant customers, and had quickly developed a reputation for burning through its human drivers. Most didn’t last more than a few days, but as far as Zach was concerned, it was the easiest job he ever had. For starters, the sign-up was quick and easy, with less time wasted on safety checks,

Author's Note: the story was commissioned by the one and only Ravenpair, and is a sequel to another story he commissioned called Boy Appétit.
Garçons Marinent les Garçons
The streets of Voreville seemed particularly empty this evening. With the sunlight disappearing over the mountains and a cold breeze setting in, everyone big and small had already rushed home, humans from their offices and giants from their factories and fields, with barely a single person to be found outsi

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Hey friends, have story ideas you'd like to see me write? I'm open to suggestions for concepts, characters, or just specific moments you might have that fit into my silly Vore universe. As a reminder, my world has giants and humans living together in almost-harmony, although once in a while the average giant gets hungry and eats one of their human counterparts.

In the meantime, I'm working on a few new story ideas of my own, but none are ready to post.

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"Knee-Jerk Reaction - Color"


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