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“Is there something
wrong Mr. Maritimus?”
“If I have to spend
more time in this office I think I’m going to break something.”
I growl in response to the unwanted intrusion.
The red panda that had
interrupted my mental maundering quickly backed away, turned tail,
and headed down the hall. I watched him go and couldn’t blame him.
His badge had identified him as a member of I.T., and I’m sure
they are not used to being faced with an angry 8’ 5” tall, 900 lb
polar bear at 8 a.

had been a long day, but at least it was Friday. I was finished with
work for the week, heading home to get cleaned up, and headed out for
some fun. I’m Hank. I’m a seven foot tall anthro wolf. My fur is
a mottled gray all over except on the tips of my ears, my tail, and a
diamond shape that runs down my chest and stomach. I work
construction, and the week had been long and hot and I certainly
needed to get out tonight and have some fun. Luckily, I was planning
on visiting thre

The Fairytale Forest is a large place. All the stories that you heard as story are true and happened here. You've heard of stories based on a true story? Fairy tales are just another variety of these stories, just brightened up to make them more palatable for us. This is one those stories that you never get to hear.

The three bears live in a portion of the Fairytale Forest just a little bit off the beaten path. This story takes place on a day when Momma Bear and Baby Bear are off visiti

At first, I couldn't tell what the horrible buzzing sound was. It took a minute for the sleep to clear from my head enough for me to recognize my cell going off on the nightstand. I hauled my ass up the bed a little and picked up the noisy contraption. I thumbed the answer button, “This is Ted.” The voice on the other end rushes on in an annoyingly perky manner. “Mr. Genoa, I'm from Triangle Property Management. My company manages over 100 properties here in the city whic

My alarm went of at five a.m. I hauled my bulk out of bed and lumbered over to the window and opened up the curtains. The sun had not risen yet, so the only light that entered my high rise condo was from neighboring buildings. I could smell the coffee brewing in the kitchen and I dragged my tail into the shower to get my scales clean for the day. I toweled off and headed into the kitchen for a nice big cup of java. I took my mug into the living room and plopped my naked gator butt onto the

The Bachelor Party

Sometimes I have to take the oddest jobs. When you have to move around a lot it does make keeping an employment history rather difficult. So, when finances get tight, I take jobs like tonight. I am working as a bartender for a small private party at the Moose Lodge. Seems some guys have rented the place out but the regular bartender isn't returning calls, and the manager had been given my name as a good backup bartender in case of an emergency.

My name's Nick by th

Evening at the Sheriff's department

The Sheriff's department is a pretty big operation. It has over 45 deputies that are diligently working to protect and serve. The building itself is a sprawling one story affair that houses offices, holding cells, showers, workout areas, and a garage. During the evening hours, the department is not filled to capacity. There are normally only about 10 officers on duty with maybe a few functionaries and prisoners awaiting transport. Outside of deputies,

Extras II

Well, my first day on set had turned out really well. I ended up with a nice big belly full of Mexican gang member. I slept like a baby that night thinking about what I would have to eat the next day.

I woke up early the next day so that I could get to the set a bit early and scope out the next meal. You would think that being 37 one guy would do me for quite some time, but my appetites are quite big in every way. Luckily, I have a big gut and a big cock to satisfy both. I

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