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Hoihoi! Names Lunar (or midnite if you want)a comfy viera(and kitsune) who is comfy to all.

I also do like writing and gaming(I do love Final fantasy 14 and 10 a lot), and Rp so there's that.
So feel free to pm me( I also use discord, cause who doesn't now a days.)

But yea that's about it, to those that read this, you have more knowledge.

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A Simple Errand

Living in a large plot is ment to be consider a luxury reserved for the Hard working individual or Fc that’s willing to put the Gil toward it. Though it is true, it opens the a new door of problems, one that falls to the maids to fix.

“Gods Damn it, why does this Fc have these tiny doors!” An angry voice boomed in the dimly hallway

The night would be busy, as the sounds of hustle and bustle could be heard from the first floor of the tavern as patrons and adventuring parties a like chatted and dined, sharing tales and folk lore of legends as kitsune watched from the second floor.

She was elegantly dressed, sporting a very eastern style garb that hugged her curvy figure while two tails flutter about behind her as she filled the mostly quiet air of the second floor wi

A Temporal Retreat

Entry 1 Day 1

The Blades of Gunhilder, The honorable Guard of queen Gunhilder herself. The queen herself met a tragic end at the end of a coup’d tat by her own Guard.

Moons have past since that fateful day, since the Garlean empire has started war on the Bozjan’s, Thus promptin

A Heavy drop

During the time when the scions of the seventh dawn fought primals there were some cases that left an interesting impression on a certain mi’qote sorceress.

Y’shtola Rhul, The only scion that Syl and T’kebbe decided to not keep on either of their hips for extended periods of time, and thanks to that she was roped into another pair of hips, that of

Syndicass business

The blazing jewel of the desert, Ul'dah, a radiant bacon that stands as a sign of hope to all that dwell there and her radiant flames that protect her. Though like all great cities, they all have there own share of problems to combat. One such being the Syndicate, The main governing body of Ul'dah that is filled with corrupt individuals that wouldn't hesitate to throw someone under if it furthered their o

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