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Luck of the Irish



F/F ub Willing prey/ unwilling pred rebirth(eggs)

Kate sat on her couch staring at her TV with her Dark Green eyes. The TV wasn't on, she was just staring at it wishing it was on. But it couldn't go on; none of her appliances could, her electricity had been cut off. Next week her water would get shut off. She had till the end of the month to come up with some rent money or it was on the street for her, and with no job it wasn't looking good. She


Raven the inside story

Teen titans do not belong to me

f/f unbirth

f/f sex

Starfire walked from room to room looking for something to do. The boys were out on a weekend training session. Raven was out doing something to help her prepare for something she had to do tonight, and Bumblebee was on patrol. Things have been boring since the brotherhood of evil was caught. She eventually found nothing and decided to sit down and watch some TV. As she went for the remote s


by blank

based on the pic done here: by Somiad

Carol looked with puzzlement upon the peaceful field. “How can this be the lair of the monster kidnapping the town girls?” She shock her head and sat down on a rock near a slow flowing stream going threw the field. She looked at her reflection. How could she fail. All she needed was to finish this quest and return to the village and she would be a hero. She could

Incredible unbirth

The Incredibles are not mine but enjoy the story anyway

f/f unbirth

Helen opened the door with a smile, she was happy to see her friend. “Come on in Lisa, the coffee is almost ready. I noticed the cab you used is running late, your usually here by now.” The two women went into the house and began talking about old times. Lisa was Helen's oldest and closest friend and her original super partner. Lisa's powers weren't fantastic but she made due, she

Incredible vore

By Blank

F/F anal vore, sex, small flatulence.

the incredibles are not mine, steel is a random person I made up. If you do not now the characters go look up the incredibles a Disney / pixar film.

“Well well well... what are you going to do now?” the villain asked smugly. Helen, or Elastgirl as the super villain knew her as, was in a bind. She was out of options, whoever the villain was she knew her stuff. She had kidnapped all of Helen's family. Sh

Goths are not to be trusted.

By Blank

Bobby was a freshman at the new private school his parents enrolled him in. He was not the brightest kid in his old school, which is why his parents enrolled him in a private high school. They were hoping that the stricter structure of it will help him wise up some. Bobs problem wasn't that he was dull witted or just stupid, it was the fact that he just finished going through puberty and he was looking for a chance for sex. He wasn't the best lo

Titans Gone.

By Blank.

“In case you have been under a rock, teen titans is not something I created, I am just using their image and characters for this story.”

Which one, which one? Thought the unknown woman floating above Titan Tower. The Tamaran and the half demoness are both equally rare to come by. The figure flew there for a while trying out what to do, she didn't make a sound or even a . She finally came to an idea, she would make it into a contest, she would g

Jess and Kevin

A fictional story by


My name is Kevin; I'm just an average American guy, I'm about 6 feet tall, an average weight with maybe a slight belly, and black hair, nothing special. I work in a crappy job, with many horrible co-workers. But it's not so bad; I live in a small apartment with my lovely girlfriend Jess. She's maybe a half a foot shorter than I am, with blonde hair and glasses, small frames that make her look cuter. Her breast are not huge, they are big enou

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