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soft vore)
I want to be your friend!" she said, stamping her foot. "It's
so rare to meet a human in these woods. Don't you want to get to know
friend?" said Osric. "A human, friends with an elf girl?
That's a dangerous proposition."
it could be ever so much fun," she said. "There's so much I
could show you. Why, we could frolic together all around the forest,
and you could see so many things, and I could tell you so

soft vore)
shoved him hard in the chest, sending him sprawling across the grass.
landing," she said. "Stay down there while I tell my
friends what I'm going to do with you."
looked up in dismay, dazed from the fall. They were far behind the
school now, in a clearing surrounded by trees, and there was no one
else around except for Samantha and her two friends. He had been
trying to get away without being noticed, but they must have followed
him out here.

woman's never so beautiful as when she's angry, Balloc thought to
himself. He admired the tremble of her lower lip, the flush of her
cheeks, her burning eyes -- he even admired the way she had just
slapped him. He touched his cheek tenderly, where the print of her
hand was still red. Ah, a woman of fire!
incandescent spirit!" he said "That's why I've chosen you!
A thousand lesser treasure hunters would have quailed in fear, but
you've proven that you're stronger. You've go

sorceress watched her challenger remove his armor, piece by piece. A
puzzled look played across her face, but she said nothing.
unbuckled the last piece of his armor and let it drop. It clattered
as it hit the floor of the throne room, but still the sorceress said
nothing; she watched him with a smile. He stood bathed in the
moonlight from the palace's tall windows, and although fear made his
skin prickle, he knew his courage would sustain him. The moonlight
glinted off the jeweled ring h

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