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Chapter 4
Date night part 2
Violet arrives home to a dark house, not a single light on in the place. She was home on time as she hadn’t received a text from Alice about wanting her to stay out a bit longer to give her some privacy, the digital clock on the dashboard ticking over to 00:00 right as she shuts off the engine. Violets car was specially modifies, with the front seat removed and replaced with a sort of half-pipe harness that she can rest her lower body in to hold her in place in

Chapter 3
Date night
Alice frantically dashes about her room as she prepares for her date, looking through drawers for cute accessories and repeatedly looking in the mirror to make sure her hair has stayed straight and clean during her rushing. As she hears a knock at the door she responds with a simple “Come in”, glancing over to her door as her long-time friend, housemate, girlfriend and now co-star pokes her head in.
“Hey Vi, what’s up? Did you need something?” A

Chapter 2
First day on the job
Alice takes a deep breath as she stares into the mirror. The tape she had recorded with Violet had worked and they had managed to get hired at a local vorno studio, a small little studio but one already known for quality and quickly growing. They had offered her and Violet a script together for their first video which they had immediately accepted, happy to get started and excited to act together for their first scene. The general idea of the scene is that Alice is

Chapter 1
The audition tape
The video starts showing a human woman sat alone on a sofa. She has long dark hair that hangs past her shoulders and has a slight plumpness to her body. She is wearing black pyjama bottoms with a grey pyjama top, both have spider and web prints on them. She lounges on the sofa, staring at a tv positioned behind the camera, occasionally lifting the remote in her hand and hitting a button to flick through the channels, looking for something to watch.
From behind the sof

A post workout snack

Alice glances about nervously as she pushes open the door to the 24 hour gym near the university, seeing no one in the lobby or behind the reception desk.

She stands 6 foot tall, long dark hair flowing down her back and a simple back dress covering her chubby body. She has a gym bag slung over one shoulder as she walks in, letting the door c

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bubbalubber's Blog - Writers block Posted 2 years ago

As some of you might have noticed its been a while since I last posted a story. This is partially due to my general mood being a lot lower but also due to struggling to decide how I want to write the next chapter. I know what the story of it will be but Im not sure yet how much of it I want to include, which scenes to write and what stuff to leave off screen.

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Gonna take a while, though I think many may enjoy it, which is why I accepted your request.

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