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Yo. I'm some dude on the internet and sometimes I draw. You can call me Cat, Cat Spores, or Cicata, makes no difference to me. (Why yes, I do like cats, fungi, and cicadas, why do you ask?)

I'm a longtime belly kinkster finally getting into vore - the unholy trinity of vore, pregnancy, and inflation is complete!

I do roleplay, but only within canon settings. I prefer to play pred or feeder rather than prey. Fandom // characters I can play:

- Villainous // Black Hat, Dr. Flug, White Hat
- Among Us // imposter OC
- Gravity Falls // Bill Cipher
- Pokemon // Blaise (Delphox pred/feeder), others (canon-style pokemon only, no anthros or gijinkas)
- Jurassic World movies // Blue, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor

I'm happy to do non-vore RPs too! Oviposition, pregnancy, and cum inflation are all faves if you like bellies, and I dabble in plenty of other kinks. I also just like a good story-focused RP.

TRADES: friends only
REQUESTS: maybe (if they match my interests and feature characters I like, probably yes)

NOTE: I don't reply to faves or watches, but I do appreciate them very much!

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cicata's Blog - Current Interests Posted 1 month ago

If you're thinking of suggesting something for me to draw or requesting a specific scenario, here are some of my preferences.


- Villainous
- Among Us
- Gravity Falls
- Pokemon
- Jurassic Park, Jurassic World
- creepypastas/cryptids

I know more series, of course, but these are the ones I'm most actively interested in right now.


- M/M, where "M" stands for "masculine" (including transmen, intersex, masc-presenting hermaphrodites or genderless beings, etc.)
- vore that results in a big belly (multi-prey with micros or same-size)
- soft vore
- hard vore
- monstrous preds
- feral/animal preds
- oral vore ...
[ Continued ... ]

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