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Just a casual roleplayer, artist and writer with a love of gentle vore. After way too long I decided to open a gallary and share some of my work!
My work will likely mainly include; Soft oral non-digestion vore, M/F possibly with underage prey. But all of my work involving children prey is non-sexual.

Anyway thanks for stopping by.

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It was a warm summer afternoon in a small, quiet neighborhood of LA. The busy hustle and bustle was at least a few streets away which was nice. There wasn't many quiet places around LA anymore so the people who liked them, treasured them. A young brown haired girl with bright, green eyes was walking home from school. She was about ten years old, with a pink My Little Pony backpack, her shoulder blade length hair done in a single ponytail. She wasn't all that far away from home now and she was ea

Chloe sighed in frustration, pacing outside of the waiting room in the police station. Lucifer walked up to her, handing her a coffee. "What's the matter Detective? " He asked with a thoughtful frown. Chloe took the coffee and gladly sipped it, uttering a quick thank you. "Oh Lucifer... It's this case, we found a witness but she won't talk. " She said, gesturing towards the room with another sigh.

Lucifer shrugged. "Well allow me, you kno

Three children, two girls and a boy at the ages of 10, 8 and 13 were talking across the street from a closed down for the night Lux. If anyone was watching they could tell the 10 year old boy and the 13 year old girl was trying to convince the youngest girl to do something.

"C'mon, three kids from our school said it was not so bad! It sounds awesome really. " The boy said to the nearly scared looking girl, while the older girl nodded in agreement to th

It was a dark and stormy night, thunder cracked in the distance but a small group of women didn't let it discourage their task at hand. They were leading a few young children somewhere, who were shivering in the cold rain and whimpering a bit, from the old, thunder or where the women were leading them, perhaps all three. The children of these witches were sleeping peacefully in their little beds, until their mothers woke them up and took them outside. The witches had their reasons of course, gre

A young little girl at the age of six was in her room, drawing away on some paper to what looked like a cat maybe. All was well in little Amanda's world for now. But that was soon about to change. After she finished her cat picture, she grabbed it with glee and jumped up, rushing downstairs to show her parents. She always loved showing her parents her work. She made her way downstairs into the living room, knowing they were in the kitchen across the way.


was a nice peaceful day, two young girls and one of their mothers
were staying at home. The two girls were close in age, one being 11
and the other was 10. They were playing a game of monopoly between
the three. The 11 year old girl was skinny and wore her hair in a
pony tail, she was the mother's daughter. The younger girl was a
little shorter and a bit rounder, harmlessly chubby. Her hair was
long and flowed freely. They were having a quite a bit of fun,
laughing and giggling.
the mot

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Posted by Veemecelli 1 month ago

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NP Coop! Good stuff going on here!!!


Posted by Chameleonette 2 months ago

Thanks for the faves and the watch!


Posted by minakotomoka14 2 months ago

While I may not be all too familiar with the characters, I have to say, your writing is awesome! I love your work, it`s a nice change of pace from the dark, bloody, violent stuff I usually read and write about. Keep up the good work!


Posted by sabrina_diamond 3 months ago

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No worries.

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Posted by chaso07 4 months ago

thanx for the fave


Posted by chaso07 4 months ago

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you're welcome


Posted by sintipede 11 months ago

gentle beep

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Posted by Kitti 1 year ago

SO SORRY I am taking so long dear. ;w;
My muse is fleeting but I will get a reply innnnnn.

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Posted by CutenessOverlord 2 years ago

Thanks a lot for the watch! ♫


Posted by Alastair 2 years ago

Thanks very much for the watch!


Posted by Chameleonette 3 years ago

Thanks a lot for the faves and the comment! :) I appreciate it!


Posted by GastroGuest 3 years ago

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Yeah, I only joined recently, although I've known about the site for years. Still, I was quite pleased with the reception I received.

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