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Hey! I'm donk. I like to write fat girls and vore and weight gain and stuff.
Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or say hello!

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Deep in the forest, the deer girl Mari skipped around. She was a curious, carefree forest spirit who loved to explore, and she was doing just that. Wandering through the forest, she found many snacks to sample: fruits, berries, maybe a little treat a careless hunter left behind. But today, she found something different.
“Oh, what’s this?”
Poking her head through the bushes, she came upon a large, open field. In the middle was a large building surrounded by a fence, unlike any s

“Omch-- ulp-- glllp-- llmmmp--!”
Ai tilted her head back as she finished off her latest meal. It was the fourth Nijigasaki Academy student she had eaten in as many hours. It had become a common practice for the girl. Ever since she had her first taste of a lonely student a week before, she hadn’t been able to contain her gluttony, gulping down more people with each passing day.
The girl’s new dietary habits were obvious by the mass each meal adde

“Ladies and gentlemen! Servants and Praetor! Please direct your attention towards the
westernmost table, as the contest is about to begin!”
Tamamo was in over her head.
Her day started out simply enough. After waking up and taking a shower, she made her way to the cafeteria to pick up her usual breakfast. It was a good way to start the day, and she would be able to check up on many of the other servants. She became quite interested in some of the women as they started to get quite&he

“Ah… it’s so nice out!” Dory grinned as she sat in the wilderness, binoculars hung around her neck. The waffle girl was out birdwatching, one of her favorite hobbies. The seasons were beginning to change, and with it, new birds of all sizes and shapes would pass through the forest. “It’s great to just relax in nature… watching birds whizz by…” She giggled, but she quickly stopped.
There was a strange bird call and immediately she put the

“Uuuuugh, come on! Why did we have to get picked for patrol?” Prinz Eugen whined as she skated across the ocean surface. She loathed the job, especially when she was partnered with a buzzkill like-
“Maintaining radio silence is an important element of patrol duty.” Graf Zeppelin responded coolly. The tall, busty ship girl was the picture of professionalism, though in all honesty she didn’t want to be there as much as her partner. She just knew that doing a job right

It was just another day at Uranohoshi Girls' High School, but it was much more quiet than usual. Chika was at home sick, leaving the only members of Aqours, You and Riko, alone in the club room. Riko was trying to write a new piece of music for an upcoming live. She wasn't used to writing songs for just three girls, but that was the case ever since all of the third years as well as the first years had dropped out of school.
As Riko imagined the song, her stomach growled. Riko's belly making nois

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cowbackwards' Blog - Commissions closed! Posted 7 months ago

Thank you all so much! I honestly didn’t think there would be much interest.
I’ll start working on the commissions as soon as I can.
When I’m done with this set, I’ll think about opening up commissions again!

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