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Nourishing Noire
Noire groaned as she awoke. Ever since her mother became the Exalt through a ridiculous scheme, Noire dreaded waking up. It always meant that, in one way or another, she would become more and more like Tharja.
Her bloated body was the easiest point of comparison. Though nowhere near her monolithic mother in terms of weight, Noire was much fatter than the average citizen. Her once trim tummy had exploded into a blanket of blubber, covering the entirety of her thick legs with warm

Salter was salty.
More so than usual.
Her jackass “friend” Jalter had been getting on her nerves. Ever since she became a bloated mountain of blubber, the avenger would constantly tease Salter about her diminutive chest. This wasn’t uncommon before, but in recent days it had become a never ending barrage of flat jokes and taunting.
So Salter stomped down the halls of Chaldea with one goal: a larger chest than Jalter.
At first, she tried the same approach as Jalter at first: eat

Tori was in a tight spot. Literally. The tubby harpy could hardly breathe as was wrapped up tight in the coils of a lamia.
And it was a particularly thick lamia to boot. Tori struggled to free herself, but found herself sinking into the many layers of plush fat. Occasionally she would feel a bump or a squirm come from within the wide red tail; the final struggles of harpies turned snake food.
The large lamia had already eaten many of the other harpies in the village before she barged into Tori&r

Cordelia was getting annoyed. She and Sumia were supposed to meet for their regular practice, but the clumsy woman was late. More late than usual.
As the minutes turned into hours, Cordelia grew cornered. She began asking the other Shepards, but none of them had seen Sumia anywhere. She was usually so easy to find; if you didn’t see her falling to the ground you could definitely hear her.
“This could be bad... I need to let Robin know about this right away!” The strategist woul

A small bell rung as Umi stepped inside the Kousaka family sweet shop. “Good afternoon Mrs. Kousaka!”
Honoka’s mother beamed as the blue haired girl entered the store. “Umi! It’s so nice to see you! Are you here to see Honoka?”
Umi smiled and nodded. “Yep! Our homeroom teacher asked me to drop off the work that she’s missed.”
“Oh, you’re too kind! Honoka’s been feeling so sick this week... I’m so glad she’s made

“Sorry for meeting so suddenly, Nightingale.” Mash sat nervously, fidgeting with her skirt.
“It is not an issue.” The large nurse gently smiled, resting her chubby hands on her titanic triple-rolled tummy. “There’s no need to be so anxious. Please, speak your mind.”
“Thank you.” Mash closed her eyes and took a deep breath before continuing. “I... I want to gain weight.”
“Hmm...” Nightingale put a hand to her many thick

Faye sighed as she checked her phone. A few days before her dependable chair broke, so she was unable to use her computer until a replacement came in. Something sturdy that wouldn’t crack under her immense weight. But until then, Faye lounged on her bed, lazing about as she scrolled on her phone.
She received dozens of replies to her cragslist ad every day but none of them felt... right. None of them were devoted. None of them wanted to be gulped down, sloshed up, and slowly churned into l

The summoning circle glowed, the golden orbs swirling around it. After a bright flash, a woman stood in the circle.
“My name is Xuanzang Sanzang! Through the guidance of the Buddha, I have arrived!”
Gudako sighed. “Could you wait over here?”
“Yes!” The busty monk skipped off next to the master. As Sanzang exited the circle, it began to glow again, summoning something else.
Gudako rubbed the bridge of her nose. Ever since she lost Scathach and Mordred to Nighti

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