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i do RP and I'm a writer that loves to do any kind of vore with M/M, H/M, M/F, H/F, and F/F

If you have any questions about my work or about RP, feel free to ask me or check my commission status for writing

i love any kind of feedback so please leave comments

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Space travel chapter 1

A vixen 12 welcome

“Now entering Vixen 12 space” I hear

the ships navigation announce. I look at the window in my ships cockpit and see that it’s slowly approaching the mentioned

Viwil and Joxran


day together

Narrators POV:

There are many mysteries in the world that people constantly try and prove them to be true or not.

The loch ness monster, the lost city of Atlantis and so on. There are however, some

Leos space travels chapter 3

Day off

part 1

Waking up with engorged belly is one of the best ways to wake up in the morning. Leaning up and looking at my stomach which is still bloated from Snow shoving his way into my ass and traveling through my insides till he got to my stomach. I can still make out his shape inside of me and it looks he some

Leos Space travel chapter 2

Vixen 12 tips

and a new crew mate

I’m woken


when I feel Zack moveing around

, causing his stomach to move and waking me. Remembering last nights events and gaining a n

Kendor university chapter 5

Getting away from crazy ex

The next morning, I wake up by slowly reforming from cum that had just come from Kenny’s cock, and once fully reformed I stretch out my limbs out. I look over and see Andy doing the same as he just finished reforming from cum as well. “Man, I could get use to waking up like this.” I hear Kenny say from the b

Kendo university chapter 4

Keeping a promise.

I wake up to an unfamiliar room but then look down to see my engorged belly and remember last night events and how the cute deer ended up as my dinner. I sit up on the bed and start massaging my belly, and I can start to feel Leon start to squirm ins

Fun at the pool

Todd’s POV

“Why does it have to be so damn hot today.”



voice whines. I

roll my eyes and

look o

Kendor university chapter 3

Exploring the town

The next morning, I wake up feeling warm and


covered in slime


, but over all relaxed and comfortable inside o

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