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My Dream: To create, print, and sell an actual vore magazine.

My Method: Become a prolific writer here on Eka's and gain enough prestige among the community to grant me the ability to do so. I will, therefore, become the most popular writer on the site.

No one will stand in the way of my megalomaniacal dream, but I dare all of you to try. I enjoy a challenge.

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Future Inside
harsh rays of the bare morning sun bounced harmlessly off the outer
reflective exterior of the giant hemisphere that was the dome city of
Amada. As the burning rays hit many solar panels spaced evenly in the
zone surrounding the city, it signaled the start of a new day in the
sealed interior of the dome. As the shutters of the tinted portholes
all across the outside of the dome slid open, granting a safe form of
daylight to the residents, a fair sk

Tale of Cold Comfort
daunting, endless white was all Riku could see as he looked around
himself, desperately trying to find a way across the treacherous
mountain pass. Not that he could see more than ten feet in front of
himself anyway, but the harsh white of the rapidly falling snow had
long since begun to burn his tired eyes. He should have know better
than to try and cross the mountain today, he told himself for the
hundredth time. The village elder new the storm was comin

Tabletop Game Rules
dear reader. The fact that you have picked up this document means
that you have an interest in playing out your vore scenario as a
tabletop rpg. This document was created to allow you play out your
fantasies with a larger group of people than role playing in forums
will allow for, while maintaining a rule base to keep everything
moving smoothly. In the following pages, you will find all the
information you need to make a character and have a great

a tree branch to duck under, Jeremy steadily strode through the
golden-colored, Autumn woods. His long legs easily pulling across the
leaf-strewn ground, each footfall making its own distinctive crunch
on the dried leaves below. Jeremy had always enjoyed hiking in this
forest, which was set in the low foothills in a fair sized national
park. He had long since ceased to stick to the trails in favor of
exploring the uncharted corners in search of something new a

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As I'm just starting out here on Eka's, and have yet to really make a name for myself, I'm writing commissions for extremely low prices right now. For stories of less than 2000 words, I charge $0.02 per word. For stories greater than or equal to 2000 words, I charge only $0.01 per word. Compared to the average writer's price of $0.05 per word, this is a steal. Get your commission in quickly, though, because I won't offer these prices forever.

For complete details, see: http://aryion.com/g4/userpage.commission.php?id=darksign13

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