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Jess = Busty college girl moping about her rival stealing her ex's affections
Sarah = Jess's blonde best friend
Gwen = Jess's rival, a slim French exchange student
Sitting on her bed in her small dorm room, Jess was in a foul mood. She had been for a couple of weeks now. Since the start of the year, she had transferred to this college to be closer to her ex and their mutual friends. She sometimes wished that she felt otherwise, but couldn't deny that she wanted him all to hersel

Faith - Stoner girl with golden curly hair
Stacey - Slim and athletic
Laura - Upper-class brunette
Regina - Voluptuous blonde
Hannah - Trusting friend
"Alright, are you ready? All at once now!"
The three girls grinned and nodded enthusiasticly in reply.
"Aaaand... GO!"
Hannah pressed the shutter on the camera and it began to record. The three girls in front of her shuffled in nervousness at being recorded, but clinked their shot glasses together and dran

Beth - Sophisticated cute academic
Alice - Fun-loving carefree friend
Alexandria - Wealthy party girl on vacation
Brittany - Way too drunk voluptuous friend
Beth wasn't really enjoying herself, although she felt pressured to feel like she should have been. She was walking with Alice along the Balinese shoreline amongst throngs of loud, young, half naked tourists. Beth had a brief 1-week break from her studies and Alice had enthusiastically volunteered to keep her company

Eliza - Voluptuous host of the party
Pam - Everyone's friend
Sammy - Mousey and athletic
Olivia - Adventurous, slim
Prue - Snobbish, classy
Courtney - Wild, fit
Wendy - Innocent, cute
Out in the middle of nowhere, in a house that was more like a ranch, Eliza passed the time reading a magazine and sipping wine. She frowned slightly at some of the fashion pages. Although she was not as slim as the models in the magazine, she had some very generous curves, sporting wide hips and a ver

Sasha - Bombshell
Mandy - Sweet Ex of Dan
Kylie - Fun Loving Friend
Sasha's night was turning out like most other Saturday nights. She strolled through the club, glancing around at the crowd, trying to simultaneously see whom she recognised, and who she wanted to know. Keeping her head held high, she was well aware of the stares she was getting... and enjoying. She was quite tall, and built like a Barbie doll. Her long legs led to slim but shapely hips, but her generous breasts that se

Sabrina - Ditzy girl who can't hold her alcohol
Jess - Small, loud and curvy
Philipa - Athletic girl with long legs
Lei - Elegant and slim Chinese girl
Andrea - Glamorous but posh with a full figure
Sabrina's eyes finally closed for the last time. After a few minutes of swaying in her chair, trying to keep her half-lidded focus on the party, the alcohol caught up with her. She lay her head on the table, passed out, and began to drool. Andrea, one of her 4 friends at the table,

Sarah = Baking enthusiast
Lana = Roomate #1
Steph = Roomate #2
Sarah was having a serene day. The weather was warm, with a faint breeze blowing through her kitchen as she had spent most of the afternoon baking for the party she was throwing that evening. She wore a red ribbon in her long curly hair and a sundress with flowers, as befitting the day and her mood. She could almost have looked like a pinup 50s housewife with her generous curves and hourglass figure, if she wasn't a little

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