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Please, call me voide.
I'm an artist, or at least i like to think so. Have yet to get around to making a gallery, but i will eventually. It's a bad excuse, i know but... Whatever. If you ever feel like you want to, not that i can think of a reason you should, feel free to pm me about anything. I try to be friendly and i'm always open to listen to whatever you want to say. Again, i doubt you'll ever see the need to, but hey, just putting that out there.
Anyway, thanks for reading, and i hope to see you around

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(Anyone I have, am currently, or am planned to rp with, please read this)
This was less something I consciously decided, and more something that just kinda... happened. It happened slowly, but it started a couple months ago, and has kinda increased since then.

I don't really know how else to put this, except... I've just kinda stopped coming here. not entirely, and I don'gt plan on stopping completely, but it's definitely given me less of an urge. It's gone from me checking the site daily, every chance I get, to... not really checking at all. The rp's I was always so quick and excited to respond to haven't been giving me the same excitement, regardless of how good of an rp it might be.

There's also the matter of the giant, expansive, story driven rp that was, and I guess still...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by MobiusTheIce 10 months ago

Thanks for the watch, hope to not disappoint :D


Posted by NaviDragoness 11 months ago

Thank you for watching~ <3


Posted by Licklash 1 year ago

<< Reply To deadpoolfan

Most likely so! I'll try not to spam, but I'd like to give people some ideas and basically release YEARS of Vore thoughts that I've never been able to share until now. ^_^


Posted by SweetTastyPrey 1 year ago

Ayyyy thanks for the watch! :)


Posted by kernac 1 year ago

Thanks for the watch^^


Posted by Deviantfan16 1 year ago

Hello again man


Posted by DoubleOSnake 1 year ago

Thanks for watching! =D


Posted by SeekGr 1 year ago

Thank you for the watch~!!x3


Posted by CassyInko 1 year ago

Thanks alot for the watch! :D <3


Posted by incendiumursa 1 year ago

Thanks for watching!


Posted by Umiriko 1 year ago

Thanks for the watch sweetie (^. .^)

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