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“Now then, according to the following equation, how would one calculate the slope of the displayed graph?”

A few confused “hmm”s, as well as the occasional snore were the only sounds in the class that Ms. Fuentes gleaned from the class. She looked over and sighed, her bunny ears flopping on the sides of her head in disappointment.

“C’mon, guys, it’s easy.” Still, no response. Another sigh, and Ms. F

The city was much quieter than it once was. Janet was letting this fact of her new existence truly sink in as she walked through the street that had only two months prior been a bustling center of community, commerce, music and prosperity. Even now, if Janet were to stop walking, close her eyes, and imagine the sights, the smells, the liveliness of her home here in the big city, she would be more inclined to think she was in her room rather than walking in the middle of main street.

“Huh…? Uhhh… where am I?”

Princess Peach blinked her eyes twice, a headache pounding in the back of her messy blonde hair. The blurriness was slowly beginning to decode itself as… a stone basement.

No. A dungeon.

Princess Peach was in a dungeon.

Her awareness of self was slowly coming back to her, and she began to test all of her senses subconsciously. A few blinks

Nathan was a very playful boy. His parents on occasion thought he was too playful for his own good, which resulted in the six year old getting scolded quite a bit more often than he would have liked. Despite this, Nathan seldom -- if ever -- learned his lesson, and just as frequently he would slip back into his old habits of stealing the final cookie from the jar, staying up too late to watch Cartoon Network, sobbing when he didn’t get his way, and overall being quite the reprehensible chi

“What the…”

Steven was confused. He opened and closed his eyes, but the darkness never seemed to go away. A coldness fell over him as he tried to comprehend his bodily position. He seemed to be laying on his back.

“Garnet…? Pearl…? Connie…?”

Steven opened and closed his fingers. Okay, they seemed to work just fine. When he tried to lift his arm up, something stopped him,

Alba detached her infant from her breast, setting him down as she lazily readjusted her bathrobe to cover up. The baby simply babbled and drooled, though the older, not-quite-a-teenager sitting cross-legged on the floor next to the baby was visibly shaking and jittering.

“So, mom,” she said, “Have you decided which one of us is going to… d-d-do it, I guess?”

Alba sighed. She crossed two bare legs over each other, se

He was right there.

Jessica's brother was right there. Just… sleeping.

It would be so easy.

Micah was laying in his crib, making the sounds a tired toddler ought to make. He was snoring in that whispy way, clutching his Pooh Bear stuffed toy. He looked like a little angel.

Jessica loomed over the crib, casting it in shadow. She imagined herself just picking him up, and then plopping him in

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dubblebubble's Blog - Hi again Posted 2 years ago

Hey. I figure there are probably at least, like, two people who are into me enough to be interested in my well-being. I'm somewhat fine. School is a heck of a struggle but doable. Also, I do have outstanding Commissions for a couple of people: to you (you know who you are) I have not forgotten. I just haven't been on Discord for long time, mainly bc of anxiety and again school. I hope you understand. Fortunately I try to only solicit payment after a piece is done so at least I don't need to worry about stealing money. That said you would probably have better luck contacting me HERE than on discord come to think of it. For the moment, anyway.
That's about it for now. Be safe, good night, love.

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Posted by NRawk 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


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Glad to hear it!


Posted by saintheartwing 2 years ago Report

Heya Dubblebubble, hope you're alright?


Posted by Xenophage17 2 years ago Report

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No worries, always happy to see more stuff but you should only share if your comfortable.


Posted by Xenophage17 2 years ago Report

Forgive my ignorance, but have some of your stories disappeared?


Posted by matt209 2 years ago Report

Hey, do you have more stories somewhere else? I really love these :)


Posted by matt209 2 years ago Report

Hey, do you have more stories somewhere else? I really love these :)


Posted by mark1701 3 years ago Report

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np, great story!


Posted by Softcat28 3 years ago Report

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No problem

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