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Anya’s life was good. She was back home, and sadly not unable to further investigate the mysterious grotto, but she didn’t need to. The soles of her feet had transformed her entire life into a princess dream. All it took for Anya to get something she wanted was to reach down and peel her socks off her feet, and her mother would immediately be at her beck and call. If Anya wanted her favorite for dinner, she would get it. If she wanted a ride to the mall, she would get it. If she want

Anya was a young girl who lived alone with her mother. The two weren't rich, but the life insurance policy on the husband had left them quite well off, and as a result they had been taking trips into the mountains every summer to get away for as long as she could remember.

Anya loved to explore. The little 7 year old was often eager to get out and adventure. She would constantly wander off into the cliffside wilderness and return with all manner of bumps, scrapes, bruise

“What the…”

Steven was confused. He opened and closed his eyes, but the darkness never seemed to go away. A coldness fell over him as he tried to comprehend his bodily position. He seemed to be laying on his back.

“Garnet…? Pearl…? Connie…?”

Steven opened and closed his fingers. Okay, they seemed to work just fine. When he tried to lift his arm up, something stopped him,

Alba detached her infant from her breast, setting him down as she lazily readjusted her bathrobe to cover up. The baby simply babbled and drooled, though the older, not-quite-a-teenager sitting cross-legged on the floor next to the baby was visibly shaking and jittering.

“So, mom,” she said, “Have you decided which one of us is going to… d-d-do it, I guess?”

Alba sighed. She crossed two bare legs over each other, se

He was right there.

Jessica's brother was right there. Just… sleeping.

It would be so easy.

Micah was laying in his crib, making the sounds a tired toddler ought to make. He was snoring in that whispy way, clutching his Pooh Bear stuffed toy. He looked like a little angel.

Jessica loomed over the crib, casting it in shadow. She imagined herself just picking him up, and then plopping him in

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Hello! To any watchers of mine, would you be interested in any of my non-vore stories? They're still sexy in nature, and tend to lean toward dark urban fantasy. What do you think?

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