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Welcome to my world

Eka's is a wonderful place for a pred or prey, and I do my best to feed everyone to everyone!

Hope you enjoy my galleries here, I tried to separate the hard and soft vore folders, but there are too many sketches, so...don't forget your blacklists if there's anything you don't like :)
I'm always open for commissions so check my details page up there!
Tips are welcome too <3

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emikochan's Blog - Impersonator Posted 3 years ago

Hey folks, seems like someone is impersonating me online.

Remember: I only organise commissions via my email and invoices, so if anyone asks you for money for art in any other way don't get scammed!

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Posted by GrandGrandEater 5 months ago Report

emiko, can you open a store when we have to buy the pics at any time or is that too much for your bills?


Posted by Espurr 1 year ago Report

Love your drawings, they have something that really turns me on


Posted by Chaotiquos 1 year ago Report

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You are welcome =3 Always love to spread the love for best robot-gal Copernica ^^


Posted by Chaotiquos 1 year ago Report

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Her design in these is a bit more cartoony and less roboty for her robooty, but I hope you will also like these interpretations ^^


Posted by Chaotiquos 1 year ago Report

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After a loooong search through my twitter, found my first Copernica commission again (artwork by Somescrub, and pretty tame / thiccc ^^) : https://twitter.com/Somescrub_art/status/1124038316259782662?s=20 . Second one is yet another commission drawn by Terraaah : https://aryion.com/g4/view/548111 . Last one, yet another commish drawn by Tentacle Maiden (but posted in my gallery : https://aryion.com/g4/view/615505 )


Posted by Chaotiquos 1 year ago Report

Hoyo Emikochan ! Just discovered recently you also liked Copernica from Steamworld Quest XD I did commission a couple of cooking artworks starring her, would you like to see them ? (Yes,cooking a robot is quite difficult XD)


Posted by Anthrophage 1 year ago Report

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Why thank you! I love yours too!


Posted by Seeguy 1 year ago Report

Wow! I really like your art. It's funny I've been on Eka's for years and haven't really seen much of your stuff until now. I wonder if you've ever read any of my short stories. A few of them have hard vore and cooking themes, which I can see you're quite into.


Posted by M935694 1 year ago Report

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Thanks <3 <3


Posted by FurryMIG 1 year ago Report

Would hug Emikochan forever.


Posted by Zevourius 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch ^^

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Posted by KuroNekoChan 1 year ago Report

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i dunno, but thanks for noticing, by the way Zevourius and i are working on a rpg game, check his userpage for updates :3

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