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“Tala. Tala. Tala. Tala.”Tala’s head thunders with the force of a thousand Gravity spells. Like someone crushed her head with a million Stone IVs. Like-Her stomach hurts, too. The pulses of pain seem to coincide with the illusory sensation that someone is calling her name.… No, wait, someone actually is calling her name. But it’s very quiet, and very muffled, blessedly. Still too loud for the force of her headache, though.“wha, what,” Tala mumbles. “I’m awake.”“Are you? It

wolfgirl's stomach was overwhelmingly hot. Emi was increasingly sure
she would just melt away from the heat alone... let alone the
stinging, aching acids that splashed against her with every movement.
course... none of this was new to her. It was a little frustrating
how often she was in this situation. In this exact stomach, no less.
Candy..." Emi whimpered. She could feel her limbs weakening to
the point where she couldn't even move them. The fight had gone out
of her lo

The sky was stained a deep, unreal red as the virtual suns sank into the horizon.

Hayliel turned her mismatched eyes toward MissKreant. Her gloved fingers groped clumsily for her companion's hand. "Um... I guess you have your thing, and I have homework to do and everything, but... This was nice..."

Pink cheeks. A hesitant smile. Eyes shimmering with vulnerability, affection, sorrow.

“The truth is… I love you. I don’t want to be without you for a minute… even if that means I have to give up myself… If it’s to save you, it’s worth it. My story will always be entwined with yours, even after I’m gone… Please don’t forget about me.

It was awfully hard for Aurelia to make it back to her apartment. It reminded her of wading through water. Wobbly and with resistance on every step.

Her body had switched into low-power mode for her own safety. After bustling around the restaurant all night and then playing in the soccer game today, her artificial muscle indicated heavy wear, and needed time and energy and material to perform se

Viera's toenails were a bright pink today. One of Nessa's favorite shades. The demoness's toes peeked out from under her sandal straps, curling and twitching as Viera talked. They were just about the only thing in Nessa's world right now.

Nessa was dimly aware that Viera was talking about the mess in the common kitchen. As the RA, Viera had been forced to clean it up in a hurry in order to pass

Maura tapped her pen against her chin, thumbing through the stack of printed winery reviews. The club was going to need a place to drink this week, and she had run through her entire list, so more research was needed.

"I'm home!" The door slammed behind Isabella, and she quickly made her way toward her bedroom without poking her head into the study.

The bubble extended far over the dried-up swamplands, looming ominously over the city. Its iridescent surface swirled with the power from its source.

Adriana and her friends were going to see to it that the Orb of Water that powered it was returned safely to the Wizards' Trust before it could be misused.

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