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I'm always open to suggestions. Drop me a PM with whatever ideas you have and I'll see if I can't get them into text form, free of charge!

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[12:30] Ochotona: Jamie poked his head in all stealthy-like. The little view-blocker-sheet thing Zeke had set up hid him from the view of the facecam, if it was even on right now. The lithe little 'zerd carefully stepped inside, feet noiseless on the carpet, moving slow and careful. With those headphones on it's not likely Zeke'd be able to hear much anyway, but he wanted to be sure. He had a box tucked under his arm as he navigated around, sneaking under his desk, and using mad ninja back-archi

College Hunting

Contains: M/F oral vore, gryphon pred, tigress prey, sex, teasing, digestion, disposal.

Kayleen pads along lazily across the sidewalk, tail swishing lazily behind her. The tigress was lightly dressed for now, clad in a pair of jean shorts and a tank top, a backpack lazily held over one shoulders. She's merely heading to class now, walking across the sidewalk between buildings. A good few other student

Riding at the Ranch

Contains: F/F oral vore, horse pred, tigress prey, digestion, disposal, foodplay

The ranch was set back a good distance from the roads, nestled in a thin forest of evergreens. The road had been decently-kempt dirt, with enough space on either side to allow passing. Parking was easy, every spot shaded by the surrounding trees, and the buildings had a heavy rustic look to them, as though they’

Angelic Snack
Oral Vore, Melty-Gooey Digestion, Full Disposal, Graphic and
Descriptive, Quadrupedal Fox pred
large arctic fox nudges Kaoru's cheek. "Oh, you know what I
mean, tasty wingboy~" she says with a giggle, drawing her tongue
across his face. It leaves a trail of shiny saliva, glistening on
Kao's skin. She closes her eyes and lets out a rumbling growl,
rolling her tongue around her mouth to feel that flavor soaking into
her flesh. "Mmm, you'll make a wonderf

yawned as she entered the building's foyer, a cup of
just-above-lukewarm coffee in her hand. She looked tired, eyes
half-shut. "Morn--" she started to say to the rather large
equine behind the desk. She stopped and checked her watch. "Er,
afternoon, Douglass," she corrected. A sip from the mug didn't
appear to give her any more energy immediately. "Boss wants
fifteen copies of these." She placed a file folder on the desk.
"Morning treating you well?"

into Gaming
Contains: H/F Cock Vore, fatal,
unintentional digestion, condom disposal, semiuncaring pred,
semiunwilling prey
Emmie - short for 'Esmeralda' because
her parrents were weird like that - snuggled into her zip-up sweater
as she approached the dorm-room. The vixen's red fur had yet to shed
itself of the chill from biting, humid cold from outside, and even in
the warm dorm interior she occasionally shivered, rubbing her arms to
get the blood flowing back into them. Once she reached

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I'm moving to Anchorage to start a new job, but my finances are looking a little short. Between preventative maintenance on my car and securing a few month's rent during training, I'm a bit short on cash. In order to help make up the difference I'm opening myself up for emergency story commissions. Starting this weekend, and going until whenever I feel somewhat comfortable with my finances or I'm dead, whichever comes first. If you want a lewd (or even potentially non-lewd!) short story written, let me know. Things I enjoy writing: microplay, vore, digestion, disposal, soul stuff, cuties, OCs, and, like a whole bunch of other stuff. Things I'm less comfortable writing: copyrighted characters, overt cruelty.

Prices will be $20 per thousand words, with tips appreciated and...
[ Continued ... ]

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