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It was a normal day and was craving Potato Oles from Taco Johns. As I walked in I saw this young blonde haired girl working the counter. I walked up smiling. "Hello I would like large potato ole." I say with a smile. "Would that be for here or to go?" The girl who's name tag read Lotta said slightly annoyed. "Here please." I said with a smile. "You have a cute name." I add as she turns her head and walks away after finishing my order. I sat down at a tabl

It was a normal day for Team Avatar. They were relaxing on a beach now that Zuko was starting to train Aang to firebend. The only one not on the beach was Toph who was hanging out with Momo. "I think I'm starting to get a crush on Sokka." Toph said to the lemur who just stared emptily back and chattered as it looked for food. She heard her tummy growl watching the small creature eat. Watch was a loose term as the small girl was blind. "Momoooo get me some food. I'm hungry." S

James and Rebbeca both had a day off on this warm summer day. They had decided that today would be a good day to go to the local pool. "Jamie I'm ready." The red haired maiden called down to him. He went up and into her bedroom. He looked at the gorgeous girl noticing her pink bikini with a star pattern over her chest. His mouth dropped as the girl walked over to him belly exposed and planting a kiss on his cheek. "What's wrong sweetie?" She asked with a giggle seeing him tur

It was a warm summer’s morning as James got up. His red hair was a mess as he got out of bed. In two days he was going to have his girlfriends over Sami and Lotta to meet his roomate Sierra, who was his other girlfriend’s cousin. He groggily walked out of the room and into the kitchen. That’s when he saw Sierra. She was a black haired girl about his height and slightly pudgy. “Good Morning Sierra. First night in the apartment. Did you sleep well?” He asks watching h

James was heading to Sami's to hangout with his girlfriend. He finally arrived walking into the house. He walked in being greeted by Amy. She was a young girl with long black hair like her sister. "Hai James. Sami is upstairs but before you go you have to play a game of dares with me and my friends." She giggles. "Hello Amy nice to see you to." He giggles. She led him over to the living room where he was greeted by three girls. "Hi I'm Deanna." Said a black haired g

It was a gorgeous night. Rebbeca had just joined the family. She was the tallest of the group and James decided to take her out to make her feel welcome. She was upstairs getting ready when James knocked on her door. "You can come in." She says as he walks in. He saw her long gorgeous red hair. She was putting some makeup on. She was pretty thin in stature. James blushed as he looks at her. He notices she was wearing A new pair of jeans and a purple blouse with an orange kitten with gr

It was Saturday morning Mimi was peacefully sleeping in her bed until…. “Mam! Wake up mam!”. Mimi slowly opened her eyes. “W...what is it Alistor?” She says groggily having just woken up from a nice dream. “It da weekend! I wanna pway wit chu!” Allistor climbs up onto her bed. She groans as she climbs out of bed. “Sami and her two wives and husband Uncle James are coming to play with us Alistor.”He coos as he playfully hugs Mimi “Does

It was a normal evening in the Donald household. Lotta and Kelsie were out on a date leaving their wife and husband at home for the night. "Hey Sami let's go out." The red haired guy calls up. His name was James Donald, who took his wife's last name. "Okay! Where are we going?" The black haired beauty called down. "That's a good question....does Olive Garden sound good?" He asks. "Stop it I'm drooling already!" She gives a light giggle. James walks upstair

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Why am I posting? I guess I just want to compose my thoughts...ugh I hate this...Recently found out I have processing deficit disorder not otherwise specified like Ausbergher's or however you spell it, but not as severe(? right wording for this?) and Depression Deficit Disorder NOS, basically depression on top of no self-confidence. I can't draw worth crap and I want to be a chef, but I suck at anything but hands on...I find myself bored most days wanting to rp, but I suck at paragraphs most of the time and I just hope this will relieve stress typing about all this. I found out my best friend is going to be a dad and he is a second year in college and she a senior in high school both with low paying jobs. I guess this concludes blog one...

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yay :3

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I liked your newest story and am looking forward o further works ^^

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It takes practice. I wouldn't call myself amazing.


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Thanks so much for the watch! :D


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