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Aubrey Plaza just got done filming for Scott Pilgrim Vs the World and decided to go explore the sites of the city. She was wondering around when she sees Sara Michelle Geller walk into a gym. She decided to follow her as she walks into a ring inside the gym. As Aubrey walked in Sara sees her and glares at her. "SO THEY DECIDED ON YOU TO PLAY JULIE AND NOT ME?!" Sara says upset as Aubrey approaches the ring. "Of course they chose me. I'm surprised you couldn't find the clues that y

Emma stone was sent to London for a new movie. The brown haired girl was walking down the street when she saw an arena dedicated to Daenerys Targaryen and realized just what city she was in. She had a bone to pick with Emilia Clark as she walked into the arena hearing hundreds of thousands of fans and saw the blonde in the middle of the ring. As she walked up to her she climbed into the ring. "I challenge you mother of farts!" Emma quipped at the girl standing in front of her. Emilia l

It was a beautiful day outside as people watched a tall tan black haired goddess walking towards a local arena. She had a score to settle and she wasn't going to stop until people knew she was top dog. She carried herself well as she walked into the arena hearing fans screaming as she climbed into the ring and stared at her opponent. A mere 7 inches smaller than her stood the cream colored black haired woman. "Hello wretched snake ready to see why I'm wonderful?" She sneared at Scarlet

There once was a red haired girl named Rebbeca. One day she had invited her friend James to a friendly game of tennis, but what she didn’t tell him was her hunger after a match. It was the day of the friendly game today when James showed up. “Hello my food...I mean friend.” She teased playfully as she hugged me. “W...what was that?” I ask blushing. She giggled as I turned a deep red. “Are you ready for a friendly match?” The red haired girl asked as I no

This was going to be a good week. Rebbeca was coming over for the week. Me and my wives had just finished cleaning the house when the doorbell rang. When we answered we saw a red haired girl. "Rebbeca?" we ask with a smile. "Y-yes that's me." She giggles walking in and hugging us. We sat there telling stories and having fun when it came close to supper time for her time zone. Having not adjusted to our time zone she was hungry and food wouldn't be done in a while. "Hey S

Jenny was a friend of mine. She was pretty, chubby, and super hyper with her curly black hair. One day she came to visit me and my three wives Sami, Kelsie and Lotta. The doorbell rings as we answer it. They soon see the pudgy girl in a crop top. "I-is Jamie here?" The girl squeaks. "Jenny it's okay to come in." I laugh letting her in as her stomach growls. "I'm hungry. Do you haz sweets?" Jenny asks sweetly as I walk her into the guest room. "Sadly I don't.&qu

Sierra laid beside Lotta and Sami her James shaped belly still squirming and jiggling with her food’s struggles. “It will be okay my precious little meal my stomach knows how to digest you. It knows what’s best so stop fighting and give in.” She giggles before rubbing her belly. She smiled hugging the two girls next to her as her food struggled and begged for it’s release alive. Sierra gave her stomach a rough pat jostling her food inside. “I can’t wait

It was a normal day and was craving Potato Oles from Taco Johns. As I walked in I saw this young blonde haired girl working the counter. I walked up smiling. "Hello I would like large potato ole." I say with a smile. "Would that be for here or to go?" The girl who's name tag read Lotta said slightly annoyed. "Here please." I said with a smile. "You have a cute name." I add as she turns her head and walks away after finishing my order. I sat down at a tabl

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I am opening up commissions now. I did post rules and stuff on my commission status. If anyone's interested. I promise to price fairly for the work.

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I just made it today
You are here too? Cool!


Posted by LimelleBoi 1 month ago Report

Hey, i thought you were in DA, Lotta and Rebbeca are quite familiar names with me.


Posted by jdvg16 1 month ago Report

Thanks to everyone watching and favoriting my stuff. Without your support I wouldn’t continue writing. You all mean a lot to me. I didn’t think I would get this many stories or this kind of support so thank you all.


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yay :3

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Posted by Wolfknight130 3 months ago Report

I liked your newest story and am looking forward o further works ^^

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It takes practice. I wouldn't call myself amazing.


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Thanks so much for the watch! :D


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Thanks for watching me!


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Thank you for the watch

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