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Mimi had invited me over to her house asking me for a favor so of course I drove to the house in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't a long drive before I saw the chubby blue haired girl standing outside waiting for me as I parked a decent ways away as was our usual agreement. I stepped outside and walked to the chubby girl. "What's the problem Mimi?" I asked as she escourted me behind the house. "I need a favor...Will you help me?" She said avoiding the actual favor. "Y-ye

Me and Hana had been friends for a year and decided we should hangout so I decided a nice camping trip would be nice. As I pulled up I noticed a tall girl who was a least 7 inches taller than my 5'5 appearance with dirty blonde hair and glasses. She looked adorable with her hair tied into a ponytail. "Hana is that you?" I call out as I run up to her and hug her. "James?" She asks with a smile that could light up the room.

It was a normal Tuesday morning. My friend Derek, Mimi, and I all lived together. Derek had just gone to work leaving me and Mimi alone. We were trying to pass the time when I heard Mimi speak up. "Jamie...I'm booored. Let's play the dare game." She grinned happily. "Okay I guess." I shrug having just woke up. Her long blonde hair brushed as she gently rubbed her chubby tummy.

I was first to go in our game. "Mim

Sumer woke up an hour before her shift at a local restaurant. Her long brown hair a mess as she wiped her eyes and struggled to get her kids ready for school before rushing off without breakfast to work. She was perfectly chubby as she quickly takes a shower. She got out and put on a pair of pink panties and a matching bra. She slid into her black dress pants which fit nicely over her juicy butt. She then gently put on her dark and light grey work shirt on that showed off her perfect tummy and h

It had been a couple months since Kryssha had a friend for dinner. As much as the girl thought about losing the weight gained from James she decided to keep her potbelly in memory of him. For her it was a normal day as she woke up out of bed she rubbed her tummy. "Morning Jamie." She giggles giving her stomach a pat. She heard a doorbell and went downstairs. As she answered the door she saw a black haired girl standing at her door step. "C-can I help you?" Kryssha asks. "

Rebbeca was tired and went home to spend the night with some friends after a long night at work. Sami and James were hanging out at her house watching horror movies together. "Hey you two having fun?" The red haired girl asks. "Loads of fun. We just watched a movie where a red haired girl wanted a bigger chest and gulped some kids with her boobs." Sami giggles not realizing they stumbled upon one of her personal videos. Rebbeca giggled nervously. "O...oh? W-was it good?&

It was a nice summer’s day and I decided to go to meet my friend Kryssha. As I approached her home a young black haired tan girl stepped out noticing me. She was kind of shy but she seemed to know me as she waved to me. “Jamie is that you?” The girl asked. She was pretty thin and giggling as she came in for a hug. I hugged the girl back. “Hello is that you Kryssha?” I asked as she smiled and nodded her head. “P-please come in.” she said ushering me into

"Hello streamers! It's me ya babe coming at you live with my first stream. Today I have something special planned for you." The young black haired girl says with a giggle. "I'm Sami and today I will be eating and digesting a live meal for you." She says moving aside to show a guy with red hair tied up. "Meet my boyfriend James or rather soon to be ex." She giggles as he struggles. "Now first thing's first I need to undress. A meal like this could break my cloth

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jdvg16's Blog - Stories Posted 6 months ago

Well today or tomorrow I will be posting my new story as an attempt to make a comeback and to see how well it turned out. I've never been too confident in my writing but I love how many have started following so if any of you have a story recommendation or want a commission done please feel free to ask me about it and I will definitely work with you all. Thanks for all the support and I hope to finish my sets that have parts to them sometime >.<

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Posted by RebbecaBell 10 months ago Report

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I just made it today
You are here too? Cool!


Posted by LimelleBoi 10 months ago Report

Hey, i thought you were in DA, Lotta and Rebbeca are quite familiar names with me.


Posted by jdvg16 10 months ago Report

Thanks to everyone watching and favoriting my stuff. Without your support I wouldn’t continue writing. You all mean a lot to me. I didn’t think I would get this many stories or this kind of support so thank you all.


Posted by Wolfknight130 1 year ago Report

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yay :3

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Posted by Wolfknight130 1 year ago Report

I liked your newest story and am looking forward o further works ^^

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Posted by AustinDR 1 year ago Report

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It takes practice. I wouldn't call myself amazing.


Posted by CassyInko 3 years ago Report

Thanks so much for the watch! :D


Posted by vmoartet 7 years ago Report

Thanks for watching me!


Posted by RaharuCV 8 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch

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