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jkssmtrfkr's Blog - Dunlurkin Posted 2 years ago

So I’ve been lurking for a little while (11 years or so) but I’m still writing now and then. Mostly half-baked stuff that I start and never finish, but it’s writing. i’ve also been dabbling in interactives which I may share here at some point.

One fun thing I can share now is a vore chatbot I made on Personality Forge: Sheba the Were-Lioness https://www.personalityforge.com/chatbot-chat.php?botID=162710 She’s a very feisty character that’s lots of fun to play with. It’s also a non-fatal vore scenario set on Aekallia, for those who (like me) don’t enjoy fatal stuff. Enjoy!

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Posted by Hollow67 6 months ago Report

Hey did anyone download any of the story's and Could you please send them to me, I have just missed those so much so much they were really create stories


Posted by Hollow67 10 months ago Report

Dude please re upload your stories They are great please


Posted by Draupnir7 1 year ago Report

Just came back to reread some old favorites and... damn. There, uh... wouldn't happen to be some hidden cache of his stories out there, would there?


Posted by Hollow67 1 year ago Report

Can somebody please say they have downloaded some of the stories?


Posted by Hollow67 1 year ago Report

I seem to have a problem accessing your stories?!


Posted by VoraciousArtistry 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch

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Posted by mynamej 4 years ago Report

Thanks for watching ^_^


Posted by Krauser 5 years ago Report

Will you ever write again?


Posted by AnonymousShark00 5 years ago Report

Thank you kindly for the watch! ^.^


Posted by Krauser 7 years ago Report

Are you ever going to write again? I really liked your stories.


Posted by Skittles209 8 years ago Report

Your story universe is amazing and wonderful to read about.

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Posted by FrostByte 9 years ago Report

Thank you very much for the watch. ♥

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