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Posted by fsbfjsj 5 months ago Report

yo wassup


Posted by FDdragon 7 months ago Report

God bless you, you magnificent bastard


Posted by sybungo 7 months ago Report

lubby chudder


Posted by IncognitoLad 11 months ago Report

Damn chris chan 2 is on this site? How did i not know this before?


Posted by gachabork 1 year ago Report


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Posted by RotomGuts 2 years ago Report

Reshiram's husband.....still active on this website.

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Posted by JasonThe14xx 3 years ago Report

SilvaGunner used you in his videos

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Posted by CommunistSenpaiV2 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To justinrpg

Clearly not. But neither have you learned from your mistakes and simply continue to exist as a creep.

I do not go out of my way to say nasty shit to just about anyone, but a fat man making poor edits and putting himself in scenes with Pokemon which he claims to have married and live happily with even though they do not exist? That's what people like me (Normal people) deem a mental illness. Liking to eat shit like you do doesn't really make things better.

and keep imagining yourself as a good person. Blabbering about stuff you can't even prove. So instead, i'll go on to ask something that i've always been curious about. I am a man who cares for the well being of the planet, you know Natural Selection. The strong live, the weak die. By those laws. You should be dead by now, but you aren't. You are a live threat to humanity by existing and risking to spread your genes to another being and produce offspring. But looking at you then the only way that that'd happen would be through you raping someone. Which, for a sinner like yourself i wouldn't be surprised if you did. But still. I should probably worry less and focus on more dire situations.

It says you're a christian.
Why do you then commit the deadly sin of giving in to Lust?
Why do you betray the lord's word and disobey Exodus 22:19 which says, “Anyone who has sexual relations with an animal must be put to death.” in which case, the lord's words have deemed that you must be put to death for your sins.

Afterall Eka is trying to prevent us from speaking. So this'll be the last time i'll speak with you before i make another account that won't be as easy to notice and that admins won't locate and i will not be replying anymore.

I wish you the best of luck, rotting away. And do hope that some day you'll against all odds realise what a fool you've been, and toss the computer and all these sickening things asside and decide to go out and be something, be helpfull, be productive and inspire people rather than be a waste of air on our surface.


Posted by CommunistSenpai 4 years ago Report

Saved everything

Thanks for the encyclopedia material. Yours needs to be fleshed out a bit more, 'music' videos, poor photo edits and creepy posts is simply not enough.

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Posted by CommunistSenpai 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To justinrpg

The fact that you class me as a 2 year old rather than something mildly realistic like 12 or something and the fact that you'd call someone like me a troll, really shows how outclassed you are. But also how you are also somewhat enraged at me if you take the time to even reply to me, and the fact that you are trying to defend yourself and the fact that you are exaggerating with the age.

The fact that you are writing like this trying to make it a dick measuring contest with you having digital pokemon and lying that anyone would like a hairy obese man who's into shit eating and some degree of beastiality (pokemon are still animals you know) really show that you are beyond rescue. Even the content you watch show that you are no man of standards either as you'll like any MS paint drawing some of the tards on this site puke up.

Still though, it's nice meeting a living breathing meme. I admire that to some degree. Only problem is you need to grow self aware of being a meme.

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