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The “food court”

Hey babe, what were you thinking for dinner?” Tyler strolled into her home office.

I don’t know.” Kayla shuffled through some papers on her desk. “Why don’t we order something through DoorDash again?”

It was about time for my next customer. I thought through my usual script as I showered up for them. Every customer is different, but I have found that if they want me smelly they’ll ask for that in advance. I finished rinsing out my hair and started to work on my body. I had to keep a good physique for this job. My six-pack always impressed the ladies. I moved past them on my journey to be clean. I always made sure to wash my junk thoroughly. All it took was one complaint about your smell

“Riiiing, riiiiiiing”Jack's arm clawed its way out from under the covers. It’s pale digits seeking out the source of his disturbance. He pawed around for a moment before finally slapping the snooze button on his alarm clock. Mmmm, bed comfy. He thought for a moment before returning to his slumber.After a rest the alarm chirped up again, this time forcing him to abandon the comfy bed in order to start his morning routine. Jack didn’t usually think about much in the morning, but today was

“You good to go?” Emily asked. Andrew smiled. “Are you kidding? Any day I get to please two women is a good day!” Andrew was almost skipping as they walked. His large frame made it look cartoonish. The tank-top and athletic shorts took it to a ridiculous degree. “Your safe word is ‘tangerine’, right?”“That’s correct.” She twiddled her small silver ring as she spoke. At just over half Andrew’s height, she was dwarfed by her friend. “It’s the same

Jenna walked through the pair of ornate doors. The wood creaked beneath her boots as she walked. I can’t believe this house is still in such good shape. She thought. It’s been abandoned for close to two decades. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jenna had discovered this mansion browsing an urban explorers forum. The blogger had taken great care to take well framed photos. One thing had caught her eye.

Slut Snack.Susan pulled her car into a spot at the small cafe. She was still uncertain why this woman had messaged her. “I need to talk with you.” was all the message had read. She tried to pry for a reason, but the most detail she could get was “it’s about Henry.” Susan was not sure what could be so important about her new boyfriend, but she was too curious to pass this up. She stepped out of the car, taking care to make sure her long brown hair hadn’t snagged on anything. H

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kirche's Blog - I Exist! Posted 1 year ago

Hello everyone! I have been a lurker on this sight for a long time. But no longer; I have finally started producing content. I have always had fantasies rolling around in my head that i never put to paper. I'm not going to try and dredge up old fantasies, but any new ones that come along will at least be attempted.

I am married, and am always itching to talk to other committed people. If you want to talk then PM me your discord and we'll chat.

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