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konni's the name and drawing lewd stuff is my game
im pretty new to vore so i hope you'll like my stuff
if you're interested in my regular stuff, here:

twitter: https://twitter.com/KonniKokonni
Baraag: https://baraag.net/web/@kinkykong
pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/49943941

support me: https://konni.fanbox.cc/

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i pray for it every night, i can't carry this burden on my own, there r only like 5 other good ralsei vore pieces smh

if i win the lottery i spend all my money on ralsei vore comissions

asriel is fine too, or most other undertale series characters, but RALSEI IS SO CUTE THO and you know i got a thing for cuties in vore

pred/prey , i do not give a shit, i want my boy fetishized , and vore is the kink to go with

if i had a cent for every time blink, that'd be great bc then i could buy ralsei vore commissins

if you're a vore artists and you can't think of a boy to lewd, consider the fluffy boy

that's all

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Posted by Pillowfloof 2 months ago Report

noelle is cute in your art style, you should draw her as pred some time


Posted by RedNastyFoxy 2 months ago Report

Pal, your stuff is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for drawing and sharing! ^__^


Posted by Guzame 3 months ago Report

Your art is amazing! I'd love to commission you when you open up <3


Posted by Derpus 3 months ago Report

i love your work
nice to see your stuff here

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Posted by seventy 3 months ago Report

I've seen you before. >w>


Posted by Hariken 3 months ago Report

wait... i know you.

i was gonna send you a CC ask but it sounded mean of me to do so, and it was vore-related

glad to see you around here!

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