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The Lights in the Darkness
The patrol was supposed to have lasted six months but the borders had
been unkind, six months had turned into two years and those on the
edge of the undiscovered forest had felt the toll more than anyone.
The undiscovered land held many secrets, some dark and others
horrible but the guards, the centaurs that stood watch, were ever
vigilant. Even as their numbers began to dwindle.
It had come to the point where so many of the border g

Penny for
the Cowgirl
There was
a strong cool breeze in the air and the animals on VoreCourt farm
where in the thick of the wind, it was the same every year as Winter
approached. When not in their pens the animals could graze happily
but with the icy wind not many wanted to and as such the field was
practically empty, the soft hay was far more tempting than the cold
field, one lone figure however was calmly wandering around the empty
meadow and her eyes were affixed on the sky.
For the
past few

Leaving the old Road
The sea of flowers
ended after three days of intense walking and though the two women
were considered companions very few words were in fact shared with
one another, Six was far too focused on the world ahead of her and
Sera held her tongue for she did not trust the woman she travelled
with. Even though Six had saved her life she had also cursed the
planet and all those who lived on it, even her so called quest of
redemption felt bitter to the lone surviving guard of Karenti

Imprisoned on Ilaris
days passed slowly on Ilaris, especially to the prisoners locked in
the towering obelisk of Karentin. The light of the sun barely made
it’s way into the few windows scattered across the stone walls and
it never penetrated the open top of the tower for the tower was much
too high. The light of the two moons however illuminated the dark and
grim obelisk for what it truly was, a tomb for the living.
Karentin was a tower
taller than some mountains and it stood amongst a se

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I turned 27 on Friday, yippy for me.........old, old,old.

Although to be honest i haven't felt any different since i was 20 so there's no change really. You're only as old as you feel and i'm immature so i guess that makes me pretty young. ;)

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You're welcome! Your New Year's story was a good combination of unique and sexy. :)

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No problem!


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No problem. Happy New Year! :3


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Your Welcome, and Happy New Year to you too!


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You’re welcome and happy New Year to you as well!


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Hyeee, same t'you!

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No problem. Good new year to you as well.

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Never a problem!


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Nyuuuuu! Thanks for the Fav! ;w;


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Love your stories :)


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Thanks for the fav! Don't forget to pop a watch if you don't want to miss my other stories ;) Like your content too btw, I've got so much to read through :O

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