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Book 2: Chapter 6


head spun in a whirlpool of indecision for the first few seconds as Jake looked pleadingly at him. Finally he hopped up, hiked his


ats up over his barely-on briefs and

scampered into Jake&rsquo

The Hungry Bean Bag



landed with a muffled plop onto the huge, overstuffed beanbag after a good running start. He’d done this every day since his parents had brought it home for him three days earlier as a gift from the local trade market and the 10-year old loved how soft and warm it always was. H

Book 2 Chapter 4

Small fingers moved about furiously, mashing buttons and toggling joysticks while a tongue stuck out in intense concentration from between barely parted lips. His eyes were wide with focus, not anger. Not now anyway, probably because the buttons had taken most of his wrath already. He didn’t want to play with Riley and his stupid friends anyway!

Jamie sat

Choose your own Nightmare Book 2: Chapter 3

“Please, can I play?” Jamie pleaded.

“Come on Riley,” Caden complained. “He’s so annoying!”

“Shut up, Caden!” Jamie shouted, hurt evident in his voice.

A large, dark SUV coasted down Monarch Lane, a street side street in a neighborhood just south of Orchard Hills if one crossed two fairly busy roads and a large farm field that had yet to sell out to a developer even though it hadn’t been used for years. Inside one could see through the tinted glass many different colored lights being swung around like swords and glowing rings adorning limps and necks like jewelry on a wealthy queen. Street lights f

Choose your own Nightmare: Book 2 Chapter 1

Oily skin glistened in the moonlight as the pack stalked across the chill, dew covered grass of the large yard.

Where there had been five, now there were four, the stupidest of the bunch having fallen victim to a wheeled machine as they’d entered the cluster of homes to hunt. The largest of the troupe, larger and thicker than the rest, grinned devilishly

Dylan Devoured

Dylan finished punching in the code to their garage door and as was usual, made a game of seeing how low he could go to get under it while it had still barely begun its journey up. He bent at the waist, stuck his leg under, and with a spin shimmied his way under, his backpack barely catching as he did so. He pressed the button to close it again as he opened the door which led to t

Part V


Dylan shrieked , hurling his phone in the direction of the throaty roar, realizing too late the high-pitched voice as the device smashed into the familiar face.

“Oww!” Taylor cried out, his hands going to his cheek, now bright red from the impact. “What the heck, Dylan!”

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Well voting time is over and looks like option 2 won out. I didn't see but one vote for whether little bro would get to tag along or not, so he'll be shunned by the big kids tonight. I'll try to get the next chapter done in the next few days.

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Posted by lildyl712 1 year ago Report

Followers, I'm planning on making a return from a rather long hiatus. Life happens.

I have some ideas I wanted to share, and I want input. If I can get at least ten replies here I'll go ahead and start writing something. The idea with the most support will win out.

Idea #1
Would turn my flagship title, "Little Nightmares" (written LONG before the computer game of the same name btw) into a series of short stories, each featuring a different monster/creature and different types of vore. Dylan, the main character in the original Little Nightmares, could be featured in each to save me the trouble of constantly introducing a new kid, or it could be a new boy each issue.
Furthermore, these stories could either be interconnected, or one-offs.

Idea #2:
I'm particularly proud of this idea. One has to jump on these and write them down quickly before one forgets! This idea would turn the original "Little Nightmares" into a "Choose your own ending" kind of story. I'd rewrite and edit the first portion of the original work, then the audience would choose from several different options at the end of each scene that would determine what happens next in the story. To make it fair, the option with the most votes will win. It could make for some interesting story development. Heck, it could make for a much longer, or much shorter story depending on what readers choose.

I'm going to let this post stay open to votes until Saturday evening when I'll hop back on and tally everything up. Again, I want at least ten people actively participating, especially if the votes go the choose your own ending route, so there can be a little more interaction.

Let me know what you think and we'll get a project moving along here.


Posted by Kooshmeister 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To lildyl712

You're quite welcome. I'm sure I'll love it. :)


Posted by FauxSlime 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To lildyl712

You are most welcome! You are a wonderful writer and I love your work. Do you take suggestions on stories?

[ Reply ]

Death Incarnate

Posted by Death Incarnate 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To lildyl712

Very much so. Though I selfishly wanted one of the boys to be humiliated by actually getting off on the rape, his body being forcefully pleasured, all the descriptions were excellent and I liked and felt for the characters.


Posted by Czet 3 years ago Report

What happened to part VI?


Posted by bugboy8 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To lildyl712

You're welcome! From what I've read so far, your work is great.


Posted by Czet 4 years ago Report

Nicely done.


Posted by Decius2198 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To lildyl712

Very nice. Looking forward to part 6.


Posted by Decius2198 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To lildyl712

Thank you for writing them, can't wait for the rest of the story.

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