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Part V


Dylan shrieked , hurling his phone in the direction of the throaty roar, realizing too late the high-pitched voice as the device smashed into the familiar face.

“Oww!” Taylor cried out, his hands going to his cheek, now bright red from the impact. “What the heck, Dylan!”

Part IV

“Oh no. No, no, no!” Dylan whined aloud, frantically passing about in front of the window overlooking his back yard, running his hands through his disheveled hair.

Indecision gripped him as he looked at the towering outline of the trees in the lot next door, illuminated only slightly by the faintly by scant moonlight. Indecision gripped him. Maybe Taylor would make i

Part III


Dylan shook his head roughly, trying to get the thought out of his head. No way had he seen that. He kept his light focused below, his breathing now far louder than he’d have liked, and swallowed heavily. Almost without thought he slowly reached his arm back inside his room to where his baseball bat sat propped against the wall just inside his door. Never once takin

Part II

“Fine, I won’t come. You can be aww


instead!” Taylor teased.

“Shut up! But, I mean, yeah, can you come over?” Dylan asked hopefully.

What followed was a back and forth of Taylor shouting away from the mic. Dylan



is a town like any other. A once quaint main street had been upgraded to modernity by the inclusion of new upscale restaurants and outdoor areas where families could come to enjoy a summer concert or, at this time of year, the fall festival. Its older neighborhoods now stood in stark contrast to the new developments full of massive homes with sizable yards that lay on the outskirts of town closer to the state park,

It was late October. The leaves were changing into the wonderful colors of autumn. The sun still had some warmth to it but today it was hidden behind light grey clouds and a cool breeze caused the remaining foliage to fly from the trees and scatter clinking on the blacktop near the playground of Keeling Elementary School. Inside the second set of windows to the left of the far corner of the school was Mrs. Mueller’s 4th grade classroom. Inside the classroom, filled with bright posters, rug

The crunching of dry leaves and the squish and spittle of mud followed each hurried step of Andy’s red sneakers, barely audible above the shrieking of the shadows that pursued him. Relentlessly they came on, icy black fingers reaching out towards him, threatening to grab him and stuff the skinny, 11-year old's body into their wickedly fanged maws.

His breath came in ragged gasps now, he had been running through the dark, tangled undergrowth of this swamp fo

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So I enjoyed my little experiment and thought it might be fun to try one more go at it. Each chapter of the story has it's 2-3 choices. We can pick up from the very beginning and choose a different route from the end of the first chapter, or even go so far ahead that Dylan looks left instead of right when he hears the noise in the woods. So lets hear what we'd like to do. Pure democracy; choice with the most votes wins.

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Posted by lildyl712 2 months ago Report

Followers, I'm planning on making a return from a rather long hiatus. Life happens.

I have some ideas I wanted to share, and I want input. If I can get at least ten replies here I'll go ahead and start writing something. The idea with the most support will win out.

Idea #1
Would turn my flagship title, "Little Nightmares" (written LONG before the computer game of the same name btw) into a series of short stories, each featuring a different monster/creature and different types of vore. Dylan, the main character in the original Little Nightmares, could be featured in each to save me the trouble of constantly introducing a new kid, or it could be a new boy each issue.
Furthermore, these stories could either be interconnected, or one-offs.

Idea #2:
I'm particularly proud of this idea. One has to jump on these and write them down quickly before one forgets! This idea would turn the original "Little Nightmares" into a "Choose your own ending" kind of story. I'd rewrite and edit the first portion of the original work, then the audience would choose from several different options at the end of each scene that would determine what happens next in the story. To make it fair, the option with the most votes will win. It could make for some interesting story development. Heck, it could make for a much longer, or much shorter story depending on what readers choose.

I'm going to let this post stay open to votes until Saturday evening when I'll hop back on and tally everything up. Again, I want at least ten people actively participating, especially if the votes go the choose your own ending route, so there can be a little more interaction.

Let me know what you think and we'll get a project moving along here.


Posted by EVAR25 1 year ago Report

Hey, did you get rid of the Alt. Little Nightmares as well? What's going on?


Posted by Kooshmeister 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To lildyl712

You're quite welcome. I'm sure I'll love it. :)


Posted by Corbett5248 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To lildyl712

You are most welcome! You are a wonderful writer and I love your work. Do you take suggestions on stories?

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Death Incarnate

Posted by Death Incarnate 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To lildyl712

Very much so. Though I selfishly wanted one of the boys to be humiliated by actually getting off on the rape, his body being forcefully pleasured, all the descriptions were excellent and I liked and felt for the characters.


Posted by Czet 2 years ago Report

What happened to part VI?


Posted by bugboy8 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To lildyl712

You're welcome! From what I've read so far, your work is great.


Posted by Czet 2 years ago Report

Nicely done.


Posted by Decius2198 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To lildyl712

Very nice. Looking forward to part 6.


Posted by Decius2198 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To lildyl712

Thank you for writing them, can't wait for the rest of the story.

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