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I have a vore succubus version of Cirno from Touhou I have came up with. She can do anal vore, oral vore, unbirth, breast vore, cock vore via her futa dick, and her tail can also vore. She digests their bodies by melting them like butter, which they feel absolute pleasure and bliss. Once digested, their souls enter her mind, where they share her senses and can communicate with her and other people within her.

Ver few actually stay in her, though. When a soul wants out, she can regenerate them a new body in her womb, which comes out via her vagina. Most come out of her looking and feeling the same as the went in, but their bodies' youth has been restored. It reverses the aging process without reversing development, meaning it simply extends their life span.

There are some exceptions,...
[ Continued ... ]

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