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“circümstäns nos Noctum. erit illa spela.” “In der tiefsten Finsternis wird der Stern erstrahlen.”

Just a book author who likes to write short stories about Cannibalism.

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Kapitel 2 Melody

s neues Leben

Es war ein schrecklicher Alptraum. Melody wurde vergewaltigt und lebendig gegessen. Zugegeben, es war auch spannend. Auf eine merkwürdige weiße sogar erregend… Aber es ist trotzdem kein Traum an den sie sich erinnern möchte!

„Guten Morgen Schlafmütze!

There is no reason to be afraid! No one can force me to become a meat girl!

Since the lottery has been abolished, each girl can decide for herself, if she wants to give her meat for the society. There were enough volunteers in the past. That's why there was no longer a need for forced girls. Volunteers taste better anyway!

Nevertheless, every girl is obliged to register in a factory, on their 18th birthday. The government wants to show them ho

Es ist ein weiterer schöner Morgen in der großen Hafenstadt Koriko, welche Kiki nun schon fast ein halbes Jahr ihr zuhause nennt.

Verschlafen klettert sie aus ihrem Bett. Sie muss noch eine Menge lernen, bevor sie sich eine vollwertige Hexe nennen kann. Ob sie ihrem Ziel wohl heute einen Schritt näherkommt?

Nun sie wird ihr wahres Schicksal erf


The school has just ended, a lot of student are on their way home.

Among them are three first graders of middle school. They wear uniforms with a brown and red tile pattered top and a blue and red tile pattered skirt. They also wear white knee long socks, black shoes and cute white caps.

“I'm hungry!” Hiko complains. She is a slightly chubby girl, she has long black hair, brown eyes and phys

Yuito watches Nico playing soccer. Like every game she participates in!

He has no real interest in soccer. But his cousin is worth the visit! He loves to see her in a tight sport uniform.

Nico is a sporty young woman. She wears her blue hair short and often dresses like a boy or punches other people… But she still is a very attractive woman!

She isn’t tall, has cute breasts, an outstanding butt and a femin

Haruhi was bored. That’s why she decided to roast herself and sell her meat. A typical Haruhi decision!

“Yuki finally put your book aside!” She orders.

Everyone knows that there is no point in trying to dissuade her. She didn’t even want to have a test run. ‘Since it is more fun without.’

Haruhi takes off her uniform top. She giggles thinking about all the fun she will have. She not


s neuer Job

Die Lehrerin beendet den Unterricht pünktlich zum Gong. Shaoran hat sich bereits den ganzen Tag darauf gefreut Sakura einzuladen.

„Ich habe einen sehr romantischen Platz entdeckt. Den muss ich dir unbedingt zeigen!“ Er wollte es eigentlich cooler rüberbringen.

“Leider keine Zeit…“ Le

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The end is nigh really steals my time.
Still working on the big project^^
I hope i finish the game sonn, to continue my important stuff;)

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