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“circümstäns nos Noctum. erit illa spela.” “In der tiefsten Finsternis wird der Stern erstrahlen.”

Just a book author who likes to write short stories about Cannibalism.

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This is my Christmas present for you. A little text lewd adventure

Help the little flower witch Mira to bake a tasty girl cake.

The game includes vore,cannibalism,witch pred/prey and much more.

Can you

Diaper tester Dawn

“Why should i allow you to eat me?” Dawn asks in disbelieve.

Moon visits Dawn in her room. She wears a cute white diaper with a picture of a black cat.

“Because i need to test my new diapers.” Moon insist.

“But why do you have to eat me for it?” Dawn asks.

“Because I need to test i

The crime of Maya’s bust.

Phoenix Wright is as nervous as he was at his first trial. He was asked to jump in on this case without much preparation time. He doesn't even know the crime his client is accused of… wait…

He also doesn’t know his client! How should he defend him/her?

"Is the defense not feeling well?" The old judge asks worried.

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Today I will show you how to sell and prepare heroine meat with the “meat o-Matic 4000”. The meat of heroines is very special because it often has special characteristics. But it is very hard to catch them. Fortunately, we have found some heroines who willingly help with the presentation.

Our first example is Ochako Uraraka. Doesn’t she look cute in her school uniform?

“You promised to pay me if I help you with a harmle

Every summer there is a big fair sponsored by leading loli food manufacturers. The fair should attract new customers, as well as new products. young girls may participate in various games and earn free meal vouchers for the small risk of becoming meals themselves.

Cute snacks so far:

Ika Musume = banana juice.

Ram = Sandwich

Chibiusa + Doremi Harukaze

Lysithea decide


her own end.

It's late at night. All the other students are already asleep, while Lysithea secretly sneaked into the library. She's only wearing her nightwear. A white semi-transparent nightdress, pink underwear white socks, and soft slippers. She didn't take the time to get dressed as it is strictly forbidden to roam around at

Lucky meals


Intro: foreplay

It is a warm day. Most girls are outside and spend their time on the beach. But Konata’s friends are sitting in her house.

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Finally I finished my christmas project.
Also finally finished a game^^

If you want to enjoy Mira's adventure then follow this link:


PS: The website is sometimes very slow. Download the quest editor and the game if you want to enjoy the game without any site issus.

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Ooooohhhh.. okay.


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Thanks for the watch and the fav! Much appreciated! Also, I've seen some of your stories before. Good stuff! Keep up the good work!


Posted by CuddleSlut 2 months ago Report

Just wanted to say, I rather like the panty-transformation scene in Little Witch Adventure. Really hard to find good clothing tf stuff in interactive stories, especially with the death of


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Your stuff is really Wunderbar x3 Loved your stories ~


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No problem!~


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No thank you! I've been a big fan of your Pokedex writings for!! They made me finally join this site xD


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You're welcome.


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Purrrr you have cute stuff~


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I thought I was watching you.

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