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“circümstäns nos Noctum. erit illa spela.” “In der tiefsten Finsternis wird der Stern erstrahlen.”

Just a book author who likes to write short stories about Cannibalism.

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"And that's why we need you!" The big tentacle alien finished his explanation.

“Well… Okay I guess.” Kamilla agreed. She is naïve, but she isn’t stupid! She knows that she hasn’t another choice. By the way, it sounds like fun.

Kamilla still wears her clothes. The aliens catch her, as she was on her way home. They beamed her up and tied her to a pole. Before they gave her the choice of whether she w

Act I: Kinder eines unfähigen Holzfällers.

Dies ist die Legende zwei junger Geschwister die zur Helden aller Kannibalen und meat girls werden sollten. Dies ist die wahre Geschichte von Hänsel und Gretel!

Vor einen großen magischen Wald, lebte ein armer Holzfäller mit seiner Frau und seinen zwei Kindern. Die Kinder waren Zwillinge. Die weibliche Hälfte des

There once was a cute red-haired girl who was very lazy and not wanted to spin. Her mother tried everything, but the girl doesn’t learn it. Lastly her mother gave up. She took off the pants of the girl and spanks her, so that the girl cried out loud.

At this moment the queen walked by. She heard the cries and became curious. She entered the building and saw the cute and very delicious-looking girl, In her very seductive pose. And she saw the mother who was busy b

013 The three little cannibals in the woods.

There once was a man, who has eaten his wife and a woman who has eaten her husband. The man had a daughter and so had the women. The girls know each other. That's why the woman offered one day: "Listen to me, tell your father that I will marry him, and then you shall have milk to marinade in every morning and wine to drink, and my daughter shall have fruit to marinade in and cho

Part 1:




Phunbaba once was a powerful demon. But then he lost against some wannabe heroes and was banished back into hell. He has decided to retire!

But there is something Phunbaba doesn’t want to miss. He never got his chance t

Sakura high rewards performance and talent. It is an elite school, which mercilessly rejects weakness. Only the best students, get recognition. The best 8 male students receive a special reward. They can choose a female student who will serve as their toy and meat.

The best female students in each class, are safe. Performance is rewarded, talent isn’t wasted!

However, schoolgirls like Midory, who only score a C in Math, are garbage! She

Karma can’t believe, how lucky he is! It is difficult to capture cute girls for his displays. They often are strong trainers, or the shop is filled with too many witnesses. He often not gets a chance to catch them.

But Today 2 promising girls enter his shop. Two famous female newcomers Dawn and Serena! Both have already become very popular in the Pokémon world despite their young age.

He has closed the shop, after they entered. No

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I write a commission, which is about Infants: Since he didn't ask for special character, i'm open for suggestion.
Are there some super cute little girls and boys you would like to see as prey?
The predador is a Ork/troll, more i not want to spoiler!

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