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“circümstäns nos Noctum. erit illa spela.” “In der tiefsten Finsternis wird der Stern erstrahlen.”

Just a book author who likes to write short stories about Cannibalism.

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Kapitel 2: Der Unterricht beginnt.

„Aufstehzeit Häschen!“ Höre Ich Fräulein Maikäfers Stimme. Es war wohl doch kein merkwürdiger schöner Sex Traum. Ich habe wirklich Sex mit einem Mädchen gehabt und Ich bin auch wirklich ein Fleischmädchen geworden. Erregts stelle Ich feste, dass mein Kopf auf Kittys Bauch liegt.

Kitty springt über

Wie ich zu







Kapitel 1:

Mein erster Tag

an der


Sister Christmas feast.

Jenny is a small girl barely 5.1 feet high, with long blond hair that reach till her shoulders and beautiful ocean blue eyes. She wears a thick blue winter jacket, a black winter skirt with black tights and a white winter cap.

It is the last day of school before the holidays. She happens to meet the postman in front of her house.

“Hello Jenny.&rdquo

24 bunnies before Christmas.



. December

The bunny girls’ school has some very good sport teams. Some of the teams even play in professional


. Most of the bunny girls are athletic, fast and

24 bunnies before Christmas.



. December

The bunny girls' school also offers a teaching course.



t as famous as the bunny

24 bunnies before Christmas.

15. December

Every bunny girl shares a room with 3 other bunnies at the beginning of the education. They are not sole roommates. They are meat sister! They are a team and a family. They endure every punishment together and they enjoy every reward together. Meat sister’s share everything. A bunny girl ne

24 bunnies before Christmas.

14. December

The school has many talent scouts. They are looking for especially cute girls in the world and try to convince them or their parents. Particularly popular are girls with special abilities or rare genes.


24 bunnies before Christmas.


. December

Every bunny has to memorize this prayer:

“We were born as girls, but our fate was is to become bunnies! We pray to fulfill our duty as bunnies and to become divine meat. Please father made us cute and tasty! We will be consumed on earth to become yo

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Well i actual close to finish a eromanga sensei story. But i guess it isn't a good time to do stuff like this.
Hope they chance it quickly!

Other projekts i do at the moment.
Vampire commision.
Maid cannibal Cafe (capter 2, will upload them both, if finished.)

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