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grounds for the vore-centric works of a titchy, mealy, hormonal alien.

Perpetual Dudefood, Abridged Iteration:

no guy would ever mourn these bulbous eyes watching, forlorn.
I'll fit in the loosest hold, almost prophecised--foretold?
feel that bony body glide along your inner waterslide...
if there's a tickle in your gut, spare a thought for one small slut.

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Can’t say this with my jaws askew
 Or with my guts ground into stew
 Or with brains buckling under fear
 So I’ll get this out quickly here:
  I’m asking, sweet, why our divide
 Is one a myriad lifetimes wide
 With all this room to live and grow
 And love...(Oh, here we fucking go--)
  What with this wild attention span...
 (Just try, you bitch chiropteran)
 Okay, just between you and me.
 The whole world. (Right.) It works ou

Bodies gave off a message. In and of themselves.
Many a time did the unassuming species go underestimated, taken for what a first glance blazons them to be. When they were pushed enough, they *erupted*--there being less room to stew in ennui, then enmity, before finally losing hold of one’s growing energy? The tiniest, weakest looking excuses for organisms may at times be the ones slinking away from puncture wounds in a giant’s neck.
But so often were these the

The atmosphere felt taut. Thick with life and moisture. Yet tense, waiting, like a great pair of lungs bloated with building breath.


There was a smell in the air.

Hanging on the fringes of many other commonplace smells, this one was alluring somehow. Not even pleasant, in all honesty, but still. Bile fascination. Or idiocy.


“Ooh, yeah...can’t wait to let you go…”

Another one.


You’d been trailing the mysterious figure for quite some time now, listening rapt to exclamations and assurances that made very little sense.

Also, a lot of odour. Enough to have dulled the interest of any sensible individual.

A click and then a click, loud in the spacious lands.
This was Nova’s only reprieve from yet another coming self-reprimand--which she saw fit to take. She stayed strung up on the repeated clicks of her own hind-claws on the hardened ground, aimless fore-claws wrapped around her stomach. A leathery mess of mane, barely ruffled by the winds, hung loosely over her body in a tangle.
Going bipedal wasn’t exactly practical. But having a goal in mind would have helped,

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