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Hey all! I'm a writer, with a love for macro/micro soft vore, female preds, and a few other wonderful themes you may come to find as my gallery grows. I also do quick sketches from time to time, and recently have begun dabbling in 3D art and animation. I started making my own stories and drawings a few years ago, and have been posting on and off in various places. Now I've found my way to here and hope to curate my best gallery yet!

All of my characters are at least 18+ unless otherwise stated.

Please enjoy, and don't hesitate to say hi or comment! :D

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day, within pitch-darkness, a sleeping tiny had a dream.
this theatre of sleep, he starred as the main character, being
violently thrown from a peaceful time shopping at the local grocery
store, which was most pleasantly uncrowded in the evenings, into a
complete and blinding darkness. As he regained his footing and
started to walk around this new space, he quickly understood that he
was confined within a very small area. The walls and floor alike felt
identical to cheap fabric, and—woa

A loud, exaggeratedly pleading female voice rang out above you, “Just
a quick little taste~”
girl in question looks down at you with her best puppy-dog eyes,
holding you up by the sock she pulled off of her foot and stuck you
in for safe travels. You simply roll your eyes. She’s drooling a
said no, Maddie! Unlike what you seem to think, people my size don’t,
like, ‘belong’ in your stomach or whatever—”
empty cavern inside M

you GOTTA try them. They’re like, insanely good.”
Emma, I told you, I just...don’t like the idea!”
packed amusement park sparkled in the midday sun, with the jovial
music, bustling of crowds, arcade machines’ bleeps and bloops, and
the elated screams of coaster-goers injecting a crackling energy into
the humid air. In one of the not-as-busy throughways between some
mid-tier rides, two girls strolled down, towards the food vendors.
The shorter of the two,

wake up on a strange surface. Everything around you is oppressively
pitch-black. Strange sounds resound all around you but are
significantly muffled by the confines of the space, giving you a very
rough estimate of its size, but that doesn’t help much in
discerning where you are. Try to think; you are a tiny who was given
to a sweet eighteen-year-old girl after the Itemization. Where would
she have left you?
a stream of light cascades into the space, through a swiftly-opening

the sun begins to set on an otherwise mundane day, you stare
wide-eyed at the portion of service counter you are currently mopping
up, lost in frightening thought about the remainder of your shift.
are 20-something years old and part of what the government is calling
the “size-disadvantaged able-bodied workforce”, a fancy term
meant to encourage all large corporations to milk the tax incentives
and cost-saving measures creating positions for tinies can provide.
Once shrunken people ra

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Hey everyone!

I will be taking commission requests over the next month or two, until the five slots I have open are filled. If you're at all interested, please go check out the commission details on my profile and considering shooting me a PM!

In addition, I just released a new story today, so go give it a read if you'd like.

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Sure thing, and thanks so much for the kind words! ^^


Posted by Pulchritudinous_Cenobite 5 months ago Report

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Not a problem. My pleasure!


Posted by Blakesnorf 10 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch :) I hope you will like my new stories when they come out


Posted by linkever 11 months ago Report

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No problem!

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Posted by rockysavannah 11 months ago Report

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It does help! Thank you and glad to see you, too. You're dearly missed on, and your stories here are good too.


Posted by rockysavannah 11 months ago Report

Weren't you 'nine' on If so, then I loved your work over there and it's a shame to see you gone from there. Now, people can't even search the works of past authors because removes their names from the chapters that they've written.


Posted by TinyGlen 11 months ago Report

Hello, remember me from DA?


Posted by LastWills 11 months ago Report

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Thanks ditto xD


Posted by CaptainVader 11 months ago Report

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Welcome! ^^


Posted by Jamie263 11 months ago Report

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You're welcome. I enjoyed reading your stories.


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No prob keep up the writes


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