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Long nature hikes were not his favorite thing in the universe, but in a still developing colony he couldn't say they were not to be expected. His current company however made it all worth it.
Jason had arrived not two months ago to Janesworld. Not quite at the fringes of civilization like it had been a century ago when the first landfall was made, it was at the beginning of the curve that turned a wild planet to a concrete and metal covered metropolis. The

for violence, rough furry sex, fatality. Hope it doesn't break your
eyes or mind of you choose to read it which you TOTALLY SHOULD
he came to he found himself looking at a harsh fluorescent light
hanging from the ceiling perhaps 12 feet above him and feeling hard
ground below himself. He blinked a moment and shut his eyes
again.The last thing he remembered before this was the judge
passing sentence. 5 years. Five fucking years for having a few grams
of dope! He let out

was hard to tell what he felt first whenever she smacked his ass: the
sound of the impact or the feeling against whatever part of him she'd
assaulted. His buttocks this time."Watch it, babe! I'm
doing the dishes over here!", he told her as he felt her breasts
against the back of his head.------She was a tall
one. Very tall one. Make-basketball-player-look-kind-of up tall. And
of voluptuous curve. And pretty strong too, as he got to find out
later.She stood out like a sore thumb in t

The fence creaked
as Victor pushed the broken corner to pass through. It felt as if the
hole had been made bigger than the last times he used it. Couldn't be
that he was getting smaller, he thought. If he was getting anything
from all the extra activity, was a more muscled body. Crouching, he
moved across the lawn separating the fence from the changing room
next to the pool. He shouldn't be easy to spot in the dim twilight of
dusk, and there shouldn't be anyone left except his "dat

Her belly
was rumbling.
it", she thought, going back to her long experience with
moments in which her abdomen did this. Unlike most occasions the
timing was convenient for her. Unfortunately her current company was
not so.
reached down to caress the back of his head. He let out a muffled
moan of appreciation, unable to render better thanks for the gentle
touch verbally because of the ball gag she’d put in his mouth
earlier. She let a sigh as her fingers ran through his thic

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