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"Misato, your noodles have be exposed to broth for fifteen minutes past the cooking time. It is not optimal for consumption."
Misato grumbled and ate her ramen, thanking Rei for the reminder. Rei and Asuka wondered what got Misato in such a foul mood, so Asuka opened her mouth. "What's up with you?"
"Stupid Kaji. I just want to know where Shinji and Unit 01 went, because the last time they went missing was an Angel attack and we haven't got one in a w

Minnie was a simple girl. Well, she was a minnow, actually, and her routine was simple: Wake up, eat, swim, eat, swim, eat, sleep. It was a routine, one she enjoyed a lot, so when she came upon a curvy worm, she didn't question it. She just opened her mouth and tried to slurp up the she-worm.
Oh, the worm, who she wouldn't ask for a name, wiggled madly when she felt something wet around her feet, but Minnie continued gulping down her body centimeter by centimeter, enjoying such a dele

Jiraiya jumped down to the ground. "What's wrong, Naruto?"
"I think I landed on something."
Jiraiya grinned. "Just let me have a look."
"Hell no! Not while I'm stuck in this form!" Naruto covered his breasts and butt. "Why am I doing this any way?"
"You got to know how to remove seals without risking the big one on your belly." Jiraiya blinked and tried to get another loo

Disclaimer: Assassination Classroom is a manga where a class of misfits learn to kill their teacher, a creature that plans to destroy their world!
Of course, I don't own it either.
Today was another day in the life of Class E. Another day of learning, physical education, and trying to kill their teacher. For you see, their teacher is no mere human, not even a human. If the class was allowed to tell you about Koro-Sensei, the most they would give is that he is a sm

Rukia could not believe how she got into this. Sure, she remembers how she got into this. Rangiku from the Tenth Division had convinced her to drink alcohol, and somehow, this had led to a bet that she lost. Worse, the other divisions had gotten involved in their game, but she managed to take care of their bets.
All except the Twelfth Division; the R&D Division, home to Mayuri, the mad scientist who probably wouldn't deny being one. And unfortunately, the man was mad enough to us

My name is Nancy Williams. Ah, well, that's the name when I was human. Or when I go out as one. Long story short, I got turned into a rubber doll through the power of science, only I'm not exactly a doll.
Well, I don't want to be a superhero, so I simply worked at home. I have some friends who aren't freaked out about my rubber body, and we used to play around. One day, my friend Anna found out I could stretch, and she wanted to do some vore play. Yeah, I thought it was foreplay, b

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Posted by Sharktooth 5 months ago

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I'd love to see more!

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Posted by Sharktooth 5 months ago

I gotta ask who did your profile pictures animation

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Posted by silva592 1 year ago

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how would I do that?


Posted by marloweny 2 years ago

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Thanks! I'm kind of proud that I'm the guy wacky enough to pitch this idea to. It's an interesting one. That's for sure. If I end up using it or a variation, I'll be sure to let you know before it goes up, just in case you've got something similar in the works.


Posted by jonathan123 2 years ago

awsome art

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