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Hello! You may call me crunchy. I am an adult F > M trans vore lover.
I'm pretty shy, and cautious, but when I make friends with someone I'm loud, and love to talk!
I have come to find friends with similar likes to me, and spread inspiration throughout the community if I can in some way.
I do Rp, but my vore interests can be very specific, and deviate much from the norm. I practice both erotic, and non erotic vore types. I've loved vore since I was super small to cope with stress.
I am a switch when it comes to pred or prey, It entirely depends on some things though.
When it comes to other stuff I can do hard, I can do soft, I can do gentle protective, sweet affection scenes, and I can do horrific, painful, masochistic scenes. Just nothing too gross unless it's musk related.
When I'm not fantasizing I usually just chill, and hang out. I love Nintendo, square enix, namco, and various indie rpg titles. I'm always free to talk, just don't be creepy. BV

Feel free to PM me with any questions, or simple conversations! I love to be talked to, and especially questioned. >B)

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quickcrunch's Blog - Site break Posted 1 month ago

It may be a little while since I come back, we will see when I do! It may be for the best anyways as this site consumes much of my time, and with a job it only means much much less time to enjoy my hobbies offsite. My dear friends recommended me to take a break after a kerfuffle with another user which had to have me resort to blocking off contact, and reporting the breaking of rules they did.

I wish everyone on this site well, and good, but before I fully take leave I shall drop some important advice now that my head hath cooled, and defuzzed.

-A conversation takes effort from both parties, if one has trouble than it is often up to the other side to keep it going so it may continue.

-If someone does not like something, then do not fight over it,...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by BlossomDancer 2 months ago Report

Welcome to the portal pal!


Posted by BadlyDrawnDedede 2 months ago Report

Hiya there! Welcome to Eka's! If you ever need someone to talk to, or just need a friend, PM me anytime! That said, have lots of fun in the madness here on the portal!

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