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Alison Collapsed on top of Jake, catching her breath after she had finished riding him, and using his cock to help digest her daughter. As she fell on top of him Jake could only try and squirm his way out from underneath her, not managing to get anywhere as she wrapped her arms around him.

“W-why would you eat Jenny!?” Jake yelled up at her, as he did Alison took a deep breath.


Alison let out a sigh as she held her son down in between her thighs. She looked down at him with a slight frown as he squirmed underneath her and she began to shimmy her way lower down on his body, until her pussy rubbed up against his dick.


“I’m sorry that you had to see that, Sweetie

Matt yawned as he went about turning off the lights in his apartment, as he went to turn off the entrance light he noticed that his front door was unlocked. He thought it was odd because he normally locked the door once he got home, but it wasn’t unlike him to forget to do things, so he locked the door finished up turning everything off before climbing into bed and quickly falling asleep. Seeing that he was asleep a man steps out from the balcony, letting out a sigh, glad that his target h

The speakers overhead crackle to life as the sun starts to dip below the tree line in the background, Alison’s gaze shifts up as they do.


“Engulfing rapids is closing in 15 minutes, we ask that attendees start making their way to the exits.” Upon hearing this She lets out a grin and licks on the torso of her son as she pulls him back up her throat.


In the morning Alison wakes up, her son’s head still wedged in her cleavage, and her legs still wrapped around his. Waking up she yawns lightly, and starts to run her fingers through her sons hair. Looking down at him she considered if she should eat him before going down and making breakfast for everyone, or if she should let him sleep while she made breakfast instead. After a bit of thinking she decides to let him rest instead of

Jake - 18 year old in his last year of high school, he doesn’t have much experience in the world of vore, almost to the point of not even knowing it exists, as a child he was protected from it all because of his father, but with his father now gone because of a car accident there is no one to protected him from preds, not even the ones he lives with.

Jenny - Jake’s 20 year old sister, while being capable of being a pred since

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