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I like to write. So I'ma write vorish and lewd things here too my tastes and hopefully yours as well!
Have a nice day Mi amigos.

I also like monsters and stuff like that, so expect bloodsuckers, lycanthropes of all kinds and sizes, and dragons and other nasty beasties in my stories

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Jasmine July/ Jas'Jul'Zil the Ur-hunger
Gender: Female
Race: Elder/Outer goddess/Old one/ Eldritch abomination
Sexuality: Hungry/formerly straight
Age: 19/ Unknown (time's weird when you're turning into a god)
Prey/pred?: Pred, a very hungry pred
Height: 10ft 8in, formerly 5 ft 4in (before she ate a god)
Length from head to tail: 50ft (She's a growing girl/goddess and already longer than a bus)
Weight: Unknown, most likely several tons
Likes: Most kinds of metal especially heavy and

Oh you've heard the sad, sad tale of Lily and her crazed, obsessive paramour. you may not have, one can never assume about such things after all. But let us turn our eyes away from the Lust and gluttony held by one as ageless and undying as an old vampire, and away from the misfortune and suffering of a naive girl who sees too much kindness in the world. Instead lets look into a sort off a tale branching off into the world. No let me tell you a story about an angry girl

Diary of a Vampire's fat
Lily Baker, unfortunate tub on a vampiress ass, thighs, belly and tits!
Warm, its too warm. I feel like I'm boiling under my skin, everything's hot and cramped like I've been wrapped up in my blanket and left out to lay in the sun. How can Mr fluffle's like that? Its so uncomfortable, it's like having a fever without actually being sick. But it isn't as bad as being cold and wait a second? if its warm then it mean its morning right? Did I really fall asleep in th

Caera Mckrov
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: Hasn't been counting, at least four centuries old
Prey/Pred: New Pred (used to drinking blood, not swallowing people whole)
Height: 5'11. Formerly 5'2 (gained quite a bit of height from eating Lily)
Weight: Over 200lbs, doesn't weigh herself (near 230lbs). Formerly around 90lbs
Likes: Lily, Blood, loyal servants, the moment before the sun rises, Being pampered and worshipped, Fencing, Poetry, Outdated fashion (vi

Gluttonous Lust
Caera Mckrov, lonely vampiress
There was that girl again, young and full of vigor and life. Like the start of spring incarnate, like a summer day given form, she was hard to describe just how lively she was, how joyful her every look, smile and simple glance was. And it was even harder to describe the raw, powerful emotions her gaze and childish smirk imparted into my long still heart. Watching her now, I could feel the cold, long dead organ struggling to beat in

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royalwerewolf's Blog - New stories Posted 1 year ago

Alright got some new story ideas, gonna try to hash them out and force myself to get back to writing :-D

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Posted by secretaya 2 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the watch pally!


Posted by Slimimi 1 month ago Report

thanks for watching!


Posted by Varu 7 months ago Report

Thank you very much for the watch. :)


Posted by Dooot 8 months ago Report

Thx for the watch. Fam


Posted by Dooot 1 year ago Report

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Please don't be harsh on me. Its my first story and I don't know what to do.


Posted by Dooot 1 year ago Report

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Posted by Dooot 1 year ago Report

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Thats different from what i do. I imagine the scenes but I write them in third person. Heres is my story so far. Im trying to describe the process of the witch pleasing the Theif's vagina as she pulls a shrunken person out of it but i cant find the words.


Posted by Dooot 1 year ago Report

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Wow,Im a big fan of your stuff. Im actually kinda jealous. Your first story looks way better then mine. I want to start writing vore stories,could I ise your advice? I want to send you my progress so far and I want to ask for your opinion and advice on it. It isnt complete yet and I'm struggling to find the right words to describe what i want.


Posted by StygianRook 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by mazdab 1 year ago Report

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You’re welcome


Posted by lockycloud 1 year ago Report

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there's no that, for I'm sorry the illustrations you make are of a very good quality just like your stories


Posted by lordamaterasu03 2 years ago Report

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your very welcome. ^W^

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