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Hi! I'm a genderfluid pal who loves cboy unbirth the most :)

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“Just Stop Fucking Eating!”

(written for madsci)


“Yeah, sweetie, I’m back at the house now. I’ll see you at 8, okay? I love you too.”


James snapped his phone shut with a g


To say James wasn’t very fond of his roommate wasn’t true. Jess was a nice enough girl most of the time, and she was easy to get along with. They never fought or argued, and when James asked her to do something like get off the couch for a little bit or do the dishes, she at least attempted to do so to make him happy. At least, she used to. It seemed like the longer they had lived together in their shared shitty apartment, the


A human soul. There existed nothing in the world stronger. Just a single human soul was rumored to be more powerful than every monster soul combined. The monsters knew they were weaker than their counterparts, and they hated it. For now, though, there was harmony between the races as they all used their magic for the betterment of the entire world and all of its inhabitants rather than a fraction. However, the monsters feared the fated da


“A polar vortex has already consumed the state of… record-breaking snowstorm that… many in their homes… frostbite and hypothermia. Massive pile-up… eight miles west of… Johnson county roads… closed. Seek shelter immediately...”


The radio, which had held on f


Derek was


in a good mood that night. The hotel room was tidy but cramped, the air conditioner was not working properly, and the young man had to share his double bed with a girl he hardly knew which was more than a little awkward. Oh, and his little sister had been unbirthed by some stranger he had only recently met. There sure was a lot for him to complain about.


Derek really wasn’t in the best of moods that day. Work had been awful with his boss hounding him specifically, and he really just wanted to get home, throw himself on the couch, and watch re-runs of game shows while eating take-out. Both of his roommates were out of town for the weekend which meant he would get the whole place to himself. His mood was beginning to brighten as he walked into his apartment, but then the telephone ran

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