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Eyy, I'm Shelbby - a trans guy who's been lurking here for a few years on the fence about whether or not I should post my vore art here until I finally decided I would :v

As for the sort of content I make it's male pred based (this includes trans men and androgenous preds btw) with three main categories that sometimes cross over: OC stuff, vore art based on pretty obscure franchises, and stuff that includes old men. I have pretty odd tastes, whoops. I mostly draw but I occasionally write stuff too.

Commissions: OPEN
Art trades: OPEN
Requests: OPEN

If you'd like any of the above please shoot me a PM. Please do provide image references to make my life easier ;v For requests I'm not obliged to do it but if I do plan on doing it, I will PM you back. In addition I'll do a maximum of 2 characters for a request (pred and/or internal shot). Same rules apply as commissions.

Unless stated otherwise all my artwork is done on MSpaint, sorry if that bothers you for some reason :'v

Oh, also all characters depicted in vorish situations are 18+ (so if they aren't in canon they're aged up)

While I may RP in the future, I'm currently not in the mood to do any.

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So I've been toying around with the idea and after a bit of deliberation I've finally decided - fuck it, I am actually going to make this thing. There is a severe lack of vore games with male preds and I certainly can't be the only person yearning for one. I've bought myself tyranobuilder and have been messing around with it for a bit to get a good grasp on using the software so I can actually make the game. It's thankfully pretty simple to use so most of my time is gonna be devoted to writing and spriting.

Here's a little run down on the game:


It's called 'Dinner Dating' - a vore dating sim featuring demi-human characters. In the game, you play as a fawn girl/guy (you get to choose at the beginning) who attempts to land a date with one of several guys at their...
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