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Eyy, I'm Shelbby - a trans guy who's been lurking here for a few years on the fence about whether or not I should post my vore art here until I finally decided I would :v

As for the sort of content I make it's male pred based (this includes trans men and androgenous preds btw) with three main categories that sometimes cross over: OC stuff, vore art based on pretty obscure franchises, and stuff that includes old men. I have pretty odd tastes, whoops. I mostly draw but I occasionally write stuff too.

Commissions: OPEN
Art trades: OPEN
Requests: OPEN (but sketches and lineart only)

If you like my stuff, please support me through my Ko-fi page by leaving a tip here!
Here you can see my commission status!

If you'd like any of the above please shoot me a PM. Please do provide image references to make my life easier ;v For requests I'm not obliged to do it but if I do plan on doing it, I will PM you back. In addition I'll do a maximum of 2 characters for a request (pred and/or internal shot). Same rules apply as commissions. Please don't pester for requests - I will do it at my own pace, I prioritise art trades and commissions over them. Requests are also one per customer, if you want me to draw more stuff for you, we gotta art trade or you commission me.

Unless stated otherwise all my artwork is done on MSpaint, sorry if that bothers you for some reason :'v

Oh, also all characters depicted in vorish situations are 18+ (so if they aren't in canon they're aged up)

While I may RP in the future, I'm currently not in the mood to do any.

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Hello Hello Hello, hope you all are doing well
Sorry for my week and a bit of absence - do not worry I am not dead :'v
Basically things weren't okay for me but it's more due to my own mental instability? From time to time depressive episodes hits me really hard so I end up needing to cut all communication from everything for a bit until I recover. During this time I really can't do anything so it's like being incapacitated in a way. I also had minor foot surgery last Thursday so that didn't help either haha.

Things will be back in the proper flow of things soon. Continuing commissions, art trades, and requests I gotta finish.

I also have an update announcement for the dating sim soon because I've finished all the character sprites and have started writing dialogue oh boy oh gee so...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by JoshTheFox73 8 months ago

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Posted by JoshTheFox73 8 months ago

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Thank you


Posted by JoshTheFox73 8 months ago

Do you make art trades?


Posted by theorangelore 8 months ago what can i say except "you're welcome"?


Posted by theorangelore 9 months ago

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Even if he eats me and basically murders me in cold blood, I would be fine with it


Posted by theorangelore 9 months ago

ghetsis did nothing wrong


Posted by PopeeTheClown 9 months ago


anyway your stuff is My Favorite t bh


Posted by JoshTheFox73 9 months ago

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Okay, sorry.


Posted by Dragongirl41 9 months ago

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You're welcome! ^^

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Posted by GreenEyesDarkHeart 9 months ago

Caught you faving!

Male pred artist!



Posted by dokudoku 9 months ago

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Anytime! Thanks for the content, bro! :3


Posted by udk115 10 months ago

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No problem mate~

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