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Honor, For Victory
night air was still and warm. A faint breeze rustled through the
grasses and trees around the Myre. Up above, wisps of cloud blotted
out stars and passed in front of the moon. It was peaceful. Was.
The serenade of cricket chirps was interrupted by a loud crackling
and a red flare shooting into the sky. A second and third followed in
quick succession.
her room in the outpost, Aya was awoken by the sound of the warning
bells ringing. She could almost feel the dee

Tail, Two Tail , Red Tail, Blue Tail
broke over the safari zone much as it did every other day. The warm
light roused pokémon throughout the park. Spearows and pidgeys took
flight though the air, their calls soon drawing everyone else away
from the grip of sleep. Far back in the park, secreted deep within
some almost impassable terrain, a vaporeon and flareon lay in each
other's arms in a rather snug den. More amazing than the fact that
the water and fire type were cuddled together

spent several more minutes scrolling through page after page of
vorish material. Each item simply a request for her to eventually
fill. Outside, she could hear the sound of cars and people beginning
the day. The succubus leaned back in the chair, her tail curling
around to rub the end in circles over her belly, hearing it let out a
low grumble. If she was going to take the world, it couldn't be done
on an empty stomach.
smile curved her plump lips, the succub

started faintly. A mildly annoying noise that picked at the edges of
her sleep. At first, she'd simply ignored it, but the noise was
persistent. Eventually, another sensation pushed through, drawing her
mind closer to consciousness. Movement? The air certainly felt less
stuffy than her prison. Had her servants finally come to release her?
Aurunelle opened her eyes, her vision taking no time to adjust to
the dark room she was in.
bed sat in the corner, haphazardly p

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Thank you very much for the favorite on the “Mistress And Her Meal”. I have been pleasantly surprised with their popularity! Please let me know what caught your attention and peaks your interests. Dragons love praise after all, and of course the artists like to have feed back as well.


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Thanks for the fave
My commissions are open! only if you are interested


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danke schoen for the faves~

go check out the original artist who made it if you liked their art.


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Thanks for the favorite.


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