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fat dangan addict, especially if they're of the kaede akamatsu variety. occasionally i write things


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It'd been a month or two since Kirumi had begun eating people. Every day, Kaede would work as hard as her flabby body could to feed her gluttonous girlfriend, whether that be through allowing the massive girl to gorge on her breast milk or by delivering another prey to the immobilized predator, too big to hunt for any people to devour on her own. Kaede was more of a maid than Kirumi was at this point, selflessly devoting herself to the cause of making her girlfriend as fat as possible.

Kirumi sighed. She was hungry. That wasn't new.
But what was new was her size. Her weight had skyrocketed ever since she agreed to gain along with her girlfriend Kaede, quickly outpacing her. As she sat down on the couch, her hips took up all available space. Her massive, blubbery gut rested on the ground in front of her, gurgling and growling impatiently as she attempted to soothe it with her chubby fingers. It was a miracle that she was still mobile at all.
The maid's problem lied i

"Finally... huff... here!" Kaede proudly panted to herself, completely exhausted after an arduous walk from the academy's cafeteria to her lab. "I knew I could... haahh... make it!"
Kaede's face was as bright as ever, her thick jowls and chubby cheeks wobbling upwards as she contentedly smiled, pleasantly satisfied with herself for successfully walking halfway across campus. The blonde girl didn't seem to care too much that she could have accomplished the feat with ease only a few months ago, bu

"Jill, care to explain why we're out of Karmotrine?"
"Uhh... no reason, Boss! I guess customers have just been... um... really exhausted lately!" The bartender's voice reverberated back to the supply room, significantly huskier than Dana was accustomed to. Then again, with how fast Jill had been piling on weight recently, she hadn't been given too much time to adapt to it. Every single day she showed up to work, the ring of jowls encompassing her neck always seemed to be thicker than they were t

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