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I write giantess soft vore stories depicting graphic scenes of digestion. Don't hesitate to comment on my stories; I appreciate feedback!

Email me at or PM me here if you would like to request a story, give suggestions, give personalized feedback, or have a correspondence in private.

My Discord server:

My Discord is Olivia#3221

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The Big Day

By Supernova

With an agonized groan, Leah turned over through the embrace of her warm down comforters to silence her shrieking alarm clock. Already restless for several hours, the PhD student wiped the fresh crust from her sunken eyes and thrust herself forward out of her twin-sized bed.

Anxiety rushes through

Amber let out another sniffle and wiped her long, pink, running nose with a tissue. Lugging a gigantic bag around for work all the time wasn't easy, but Amber felt she had to do it even if she came down with an annoying cold. She wore a blue shoulderless blouse today, forgetting that the cushion on the strap wasn't enough to make it comfortable. She had it swung around her backside so it bounced against her round ass, which was today covered in black yoga pants. Hoisting the strap over her shoul

Vacation Parfait
By Supernova
With the convertible's top down, wind blew through Veronica's bright red hair as she drove down the interstate with her younger sister, Sarah. Finally relieved after weeks of almost non-stop work at the hospital, Veronica was beaming with excitement, having planned this road trip weeks ago. Fully expecting to have some much-needed girl-time with her sister, she set out to enjoy the sights of the Pacific Northwest over the next week-and-a-half. Leaving befor

Jennifer bit her lip as her shoulders tensed up, watching the randomly-selected woman read her phone from afar. After stalking the short blonde from the nearest Starbucks, Jennifer felt fortunate when her target walked over to the most isolated part of the public park without noticing her following.
Tiptoeing lightly behind her target, Jennifer raised up her special device so it pointed right to the back of the blonde's head. Her heart pounding and sweat beading on her forehead, Jennifer

A Jealous Sister
By Supernova

“Really? You ate all
the chocolates?” Gina asked, the disappointment apparent in her
voice as she opened the shiny, heart-shaped box revealing dozens of
empty spaces. “What kind of gift is this?”
Nick's face turned a
bright shade of pink as he looked right into his girlfriend's eyes,
sitting next to her on his bed. “What! I... uh... I didn't know!”
His eyes widened as he looked around frantically. “My little sister
must have taken them without aski

Rite of PassageBy

“Hey, wake up! Wake
up! Come on!” A voice shouts at you as you struggle to open your
eyes. “Come on!” The mysterious voice yells as she shakes your
body. “We're trapped!”
Blinking hard a few
times, you sit up, trying to sooth your dizzy head after apparently
being unconscious. “Wha?” You ask, notably tired, wondering where
you are.
“I told you, we're
trapped!” A female voice frantically stated, causing you to wince.
Still trying to regain

Little Pink Ring
By Supernova
Amelia woke up to her
face pressed on an unfamiliar flat surface and belted out an
ear-shattering screech. Clawing her way through the musty pitch black
darkness, the startling change of scenery caused her heartbeat to
race, not knowing where she was after falling asleep in her own bed
the night before. Or was it still night?
Amelia's mind raced in
confusion and terror as she crawled on her hands and knees over a
completely empty, dark toom with a floor that felt

Swallowed by a
By Supernova
Allison's feet dragged
along each step down into the underground walkway, her footsteps
echoing into the dark tunnel below. Rubbing her eyes in exhaustion,
she just thought of the nice bath she was going to take after a long
day at work. Her head sunk low, listening to the cars pass by on the
street above, she was thinking about how this long corridor on her
walk back to her apartment always gave her the creeps. As the cold
breeze chilled her pale white face

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Posted by danztrash 7 months ago

Been lurking the name 'Supernova' since 2015 both on GTS World and then /d/, and your stories have all been excellent. Right up there with ZombieSlaves' work, as well as others. I love your graphical endo scenes too. Keep it up bro :)


Posted by SneakyMouse 9 months ago

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Welcome!! I love your stories!


Posted by ocarinaofbudder 9 months ago

I honestly love your style so keep it up!

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Posted by kronwolf 9 months ago

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Ur welcome ^^


Posted by psicotik 10 months ago

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I actually feel pretty bad for not watching you earlier


Posted by UnattainableSnack 10 months ago

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Not a problem. Keep up the good work!


Posted by n00ds420 10 months ago

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No problem, man. You're my favorite vore writer; I actually got an aryion account so I could keep all your stuff together. Keep up the good work! :)


Posted by SwordkingX5 10 months ago

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Posted by baphomet 10 months ago

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Thank you for your work ^^


Posted by Super57s 11 months ago

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No problemo Nova!!


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Thank you for your awesome work. :)


Posted by Halcyon 11 months ago

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Sure, sure~! ^^

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