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I'm trying to write vore stories for whatever fandoms I'm in. Hope they're good!

If you wanna know what kinda stuff I'll be writing on, some main fandoms are Danganronpa and Pokemon! I also like M/M, disposal, digestion, weight gain, and OV/CV/AV so expect any of that in what I write!

I’m also not against requests. Drop an idea on me and I might write it if I like it!

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3 - Route 1
1 was what most people would think of when thinking about routes. It
was a clear dirt path leading forward, trees on either end that
slowly got denser and darker. Pokémon filled that space and most
trainers didn’t go there unless they were searching for a Pokémon
or had a trainer to drop off.
was also the route known as the Trainer Graveyard because of how many
new and weak trainers lost their first battle or two and ended up
left in the tree line as a pile of was

2 - Meeting a Rival
reach out and take a Pokéball. This is it. This would be the Pokémon
I was going to choose. I wasn’t thinking about strategy or how
beneficial it would be to select it. I just…chose on instinct. It
was like this was just the right choice.
I murmur softly, looking at the Pokéball I had in my hand. “I’m
choosing Treecko.”
smiles. “And you’re sure about this? I won’t let you change
your mind when you step out of the lab. It wouldn

1 - Pokémon, I Choose You!
region of Glamgorge was a spectacle of man. A technological
fascination and the height of the future, according to many. Yes,
this region surely was ahead of the game on many things. Being a
man-made region, it was a one-of-a-kind place. But so many people had
been interested in the region that they flocked to it. Tech wizzes
and technological geniuses wanted to make their inventions and
advancements in the Glamgorge region. Now it was known as the Region

laughs and rubs the back of his head. “Really, bro? This again?
C’mon, cut me some slack!”
was fuming. “Absolutely not, bro! I care for you greatly but I will
not bend the rules even a little! You must go to detention!”

frowns and rolls his eyes. “I’m just gonna break out, bro.”
frowns. He knew Mondo was right. The biker always escaped detention,
no matter what! If he was going to get his point across, he was going
to have to do something else..

was getting so bored! The killing game turned into a bust, with his
motives failing and the participants simply not wanting to kill
anyone. There were so many good spirits around and he wasn’t
keeping the audience very well entertained with this! Not to
mention…the students were smelling good…
smells were overwhelming for him. All these delicious students just
made his tummy growl with such intensity! The boredom and hunger were
too much! He can’t hold back anymore! He needs

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