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I'm Karrie! My friends call me...well Karrie. i love all types of vore but is very lazy when it comes to drawin' vore.

Check out my Deviantart page for some stuff i already uploaded:
Also, check up my Tumblr! We do stories and other discussions there as well:

Or, if you're looking for some more Steamy pics, look on my Pixiv account (very INTENSE pics, dont say i didn't warn you):

PS: Trades and Requests are Open <3

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Hey all,
This doesn't actually mean anything for my Eka's Portal, but i just wanted to throw this out there.
A single obscure pic on my DA involving facesitting got removed despite me clarifying the characters were 18+
Why is this worrisome? Well DA is very VERY strict when it comes to kink pics. And by very strict i mean they will simply harass fetish artists who begin to get popular and start deleting their stuff.
Im worried because a few of the DAs i follow on there had the same problem, where a single work of theirs got banned, then a few days later, their account got suspended.
Im just giving a heads up that it is possible in the near future where my DA account will be deleted, but i probably will get a different one under a new name
Though, that's a BIG what if, and i may just be...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by JakeTheBellyDweller 20 hours ago

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Thanks! I like milf preds too!

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Posted by Dudeox05 13 days ago

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You're very welcome! Thanks for the fun works to look over. :)


Posted by brandon14 2 weeks ago

I'm Brandon and I thaaaaaaank you for the favorite!


Posted by Naganommer 2 weeks ago

Thank you for favoriting my work.


Posted by thebigcat 2 weeks ago

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No problem!


Posted by b5n 2 weeks ago

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your more than welcome


Posted by SeranaTaluhn 2 weeks ago

Nyuuuu!! Ahhhh!! Thanks for the Favs always liked your stuff! ;w;


Posted by GinRyuKaza 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the watch! Ill try not to disappoint XD


Posted by skullcrusheramk 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the favorite :3

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Posted by TabbyKat90 1 month ago

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no prob bob


Posted by Mehzer 1 month ago

<< Reply To thicceater

Your welcome, as you told me on devaintart I finally made a Eka's account to watch your more 'intense' posts here.

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