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I'm Karrie! My friends call me...well Karrie. i love all types of vore but is very lazy when it comes to drawin' vore.

Check out my other pages:

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Message me on Discord if ya want ;)
(PM me here to tell me what your tag is so i'll know its you)

PS: Trades always Open

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Heya everybody, been a LONG while hasn't it?
First things first, i would like to apologize for the sudden hiatus

I cant really go over a lot of the things thats been going on with me recently (lots of personal stuff ya'know, dont worry its not that bad), but just know that i needed to take a break from a ton of things, really focus on my own things for a while.

Truth be told, I've been meaning to make a post like this for a while, but constantly put it off because im still quite unsure when I'm gonna be able to return to posting and interacting and such.


...Probably gonna quit DA, its just such a hassle and there are just waaaay too many trolls and the like that it had been increasingly unmotivating to even try to post content...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by crayzee79 2 months ago Report

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It's my pleasure to!


Posted by Bionicman 3 months ago Report

Maybe you can do Norman Babcock from ParaNorman?


Posted by Naganommer 5 months ago Report

Thank you for all the favorites.


Posted by AustinDR 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the fave on "Security Gorge."


Posted by OctoGravy 5 months ago Report

Thank you so much for the favorites! I love your work so much, so this is a big honor for me! Also, would you be interested in doing a trade?


Posted by Airylight 5 months ago Report

<< Reply To thicceater

ur welco!! ^v^ thank u!! I appreciate the compliment c: You do too :D


Posted by yikey2 6 months ago Report

Hey! I just sent you a discord request, I’m a huge fan of your work
My username is Hot Cocoa Crab. I’d love to RP or just chat


Posted by SkyDragon125 7 months ago Report

<< Reply To thicceater

You're welcome!, I just love seeing you draw Kid Icarus Uprising and The Owl House Vore Pics, and if you want to talk about more of those. Let me know! ^w^


Posted by MystifiedBeef 7 months ago Report

<< Reply To thicceater

you is welcome


Posted by BloodyCrow534 7 months ago Report

Hey, I like your artwork and stories! Mind if I contact you on Discord? I'm Eris-Prime#0730


Posted by Atrocity 7 months ago Report

<< Reply To thicceater

The Sora image was one of the first I found, and loved! :)


Posted by Loonnyx 7 months ago Report

Thanks for the Fav!

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