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Greetings. I am a person who does digital art, mostly focusing on vector art, including the vore pieces on this site. One of my more recent interests is animation, so some of the comics I may make and post here may have some incorporated. I am also a gamer, with my favorite series being the Zelda series and my favorite game being Super Mario Bros. 3.

I am often available for RPs here via PMs and on my skype account, vaatidorf6000.

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It was a long day for young Link in the prosperous kingdom of Hyrule, some years before the Calamity Ganon would break free to wreak havoc upon the land just like he had countless times over the ages. In those days, Link was still a student knight training to eventually become one the knights of the land to protect the princess. While most of his days were long especially during training, this one seemed exceptionally so as he somehow ended up wandering i

Tiffany was sitting on her bed in her room at Lair’s palace, jiggling her pudgy belly that she got from her most recent meals: an elf maid along with the prime minister of Lair’s kingdom. As she was admiring her belly, she heard a knock and looked to see a rather buxom elf maid looking back at her. “Yes?” She asked.

“The queen wants to know wha

Tiffany left her home and looked around, ready to start out on her first adventure. “Any idea where we should go first?” The blue-skinned teenager asked a pair of tattoos on her belly. One being a human and the other and elf. These tattoos were Tiffany’s friends Kris and Lair respectively, who she had eaten the night before.

“That’s the questio

It had been a few years for Jason since the night he had eaten a naga and a beautiful woman from another world named Natasha, the latter of whom he’d hoped to meet again since she was kind, beautiful, and most of all, delicious! The day had gone well for him so far. He was on his way home from school and sported a big belly like he often did, the belly containing his best friend Rebecca. She thrashed with delight inside of Jason’s stomach. &ld

Ben arrived at
his home with his meal for the day in his pocket. His meal was a girl
from school named Monique who had eaten his girlfriend Kristen,
seemingly in an attempt to end up in the gut of someone in his
family. As he arrived in his room and closed the door behind him, he
took the shrunken form of Monique out of his pocket and tossed her
onto his bed, restoring her to her original size.
“Now then, it
is time to finish you off.” Ben smiled as he pat his stomach.
“You’ll be in her

A tall woman
named Monique was making her way around Veilmount High early one
morning, where she was a senior at, in search of her meal for the
day. The pickings were rather slim at this point in the year,
especially since people like her had already eaten all of the good
people. That didn’t detour her, though. She had been eating people
for far too long to let something like that get in her way. She
looked down a hallway and spotted a woman with dark skin, a little
shorter than her, walk out

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I was just looking at my page and noticed that is has just passed the 100,000 total views mark. Thank you, everyone! Now what should I do for this?

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