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Hello ekas. It's time for a profile update. It has been way to long since the last one. I would like to take the time to thank everyone for making me feel welcome in the community.

Currently I am doing a colab comic with a good friend of mine here on the portal can't wait to get that up. That's not saying I am not working on my own stories and world arches. Pics on the way soon I promise :)

Anyways it goes without saying that I still need practise with my photoshop skills and my pencil work. So I am taking requests :D feel free to pm me with ideas and I will see what I can do :D

Anyways Cheers guys :)

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The Phantom darts through the atmosphere streaking across the shimmering desert below. One could only guess as to why someone would want to live on a planet like this, and yet, here the Rebellion could flourish, as it's activities could easily be hidden behind the local scum just doing their normal everyday work. The Large population centres are dangerous enough, that even Storm Troopers are very rarely ever seen walking alone.
“Remember Sabine-” a soft almost motherly tone echos ba

found herself gazing into the mirror, Emerald green eyes shrouded by
brilliant red curly hair showing through the hours or preparations
that she had to go through. Sorting through many different containers
with all sorts of different makeup, eventually she would settle on
one that left her lips a glossy ruby red. Satisfied with the final
look of her face, she allowed her gaze to continue to fall lower, the
tall mirror showing off her entire torso with high detailed

Finding someone in this day and age is tough, especially at a
younger age, when people don't really know too much about the greater
world and what is at steak. High school is usually a place where a
lot of these things are finally figured out. Though for someone like
Amber, it gets a little difficult.
Walking down the halls of the school seeing all the cliques and
groups huddled through lunchtime not even giving her a passing glance
as she walked by, for she was the new girl. Her mother had to

The Collectors
by Zigzwag1243
 The Earth is a strange thing, its always evolving, always changing, adapting. It's almost strange really how humanity was able to scar her marble like surface, the greens and blues awash with grey from smoke, smog, and cities. It is got to a point wher

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Hey ekas how's everyone doing? Good well I am doing fantastic

Anyways the reason I am posting this up is because I want to keep drawing and I plan to. I have a three page comic in photoshop that I think people will enjoy. Tried new art style for body shape and trying to expand my perspective. Beyond the left hand idle stance perspective lol.

For me to do this how ever I need things to draw. This is where my watchers and viewers come in. I want to here what you want me to draw. In the comments or in Pm's what does ekas really want to see is my goal! I have a feeling that I may get one or two replies. And if that is the case then you can expect to see your drawing up. :) if by some...
[ Continued ... ]

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Hello and thanks for the watch. And I hope to see you again soon so we can continue our rp^^


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Thank you for the watch~!!x3

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Np! Sorry for replying so late. I havnt been on ekas recently :P

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thanks for watching me


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