1ZUMY's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


For reading this better, please do it on DeviantArt:

LINK: http://1zumy.deviantart.com/journal/COMMISSION-TERMS-OF-SERVICE-657663704

- Payment is always in US dollars, and it’s done through Paypal, sent to my E-mail ->| [email protected] |<- or you can always make a donation clicking on the “DONATE” button on my Deviantart profile;

- Upon commission, 50% of the total payment upfront and the final 50% after completion;

- You will only receive the finished piece with full quality and without my watermark after the final payment is processed;

- All my pieces will be signed with the abreviation “1Z”, my personal signature;

- Upon receiving first payment, I will start immediately working on the sketch, keeping in touch with you constantly to how the piece will look like;

- Commissions will be sent by Google Drive link, where you will have access to the original piece plus two smaller versions of it (I like to work with big images);

- If, for any reason, I’m not able to finish the commission and/or have to stop working on it, you will get 100% of your money back;

Will Do / Won't Do

What I DO draw

- Vore;
- Fanart;
- Erotic images;
- Anime/Manga styled images;
- Realistic Style Painting;

What I DON’T draw

- Gore;
- Hardcore Fetishes/Porn;
- Things that I am uncomfortable drawing;



Base Price - 20$
Bust - 10$
Half body - 20$
Full body - 30$
Flat Colors - 10$
Sketched Coloring - 15$
Shading - 10$


(All of the above will add to the base price)
Extra character - double price


Base Price - 40$
Bust - 20$
Half body - 50$
Full body - 60$


(All of the above will add to the base price)
Extra character = double price


Base Price - 60$
Line art - 20$
B&W tones - 10$
Color - 20$

- Not available to work on comics/manga at the moment -


(All of the above will add to the base price)
Extra page = doubles the price
Note: Base price is negotiable depending on the nrº and the quality of the drawings of the page.

Note: I’m perfectly aware that the commissions are pricy, but unfortunately I cannot afford to work for less.


EMAIL: [email protected]



  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open