4KKC's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No



1) Think about your commision before sending me an email or PMing me. Be sure to give me as much information as possible and write all the necessary details.

I am serious. Please write everything about your commission, including format (sketch/flat colours/full shade) and every little detail you could think of.
Don't send me 10 messages asking if I am willing to do this or that - send One big message with all information in it.
Depending on this information I will decide to take or not to take your commission. Not any other way around.

Keep in mind please - there is language barrier between us. So be VERY specific and use simple words please.
Send as many details as you can in ONE message, do not send 400 PMS.

2) After I get your message, you will receive confirmation with the final price or a big no. Depends on how carefully you read my rules.

3) Next step is a simple one - you send me half payment on my Paypal account and I send you a basic sketch for approval. We can change this sketch in every way possible, BUT, once it gets your approval and I proceed with the work, any future changes will cost you extra 5$.

4) Once I finish the picture I will send you the low res censor version of it, and after you send me the rest of the payment, you will receive your full complete work.

5) Deadline in 2 or 4 weeks maximum.

6) No refunds after payment is sent.

7) If I can't finish your commision, or some force majeure bite my ass, then I will send you back my apology and your payment.

8) I reserve the right to reject any commission if I so choose, do not ask me why.

Will Do / Won't Do

If something like this is in my gallery, then I will draw it.
Same size
Oral vore

No antro, furry, mechs, pony, scat, fart, unbirthing and cock vore.
Everything else is negotiable.


50$ - Sketch ~♪

70$ - Flat colors ~♪

100$ - Full colors with shade ~♪

1) Each additional character will cost you an extra 50% of basic price.

2) Simple background is free, but the price for something more complex starts from 10$ and is negotiated, depending on how complex you want it to be.

3) The price of a comic strip of at least 4 panels is the standard price + 25$. Additional panels will cost an additional 10$ each.

4) Non-cutaway version for cutaway commissions goes as free bonus~♪


[email protected]

Please keep in mind that I may not be able to answer you immediately or in a few hours due to the time zone difference.


  1. Status: Reserved - Commission slot 1 for JacktheDragon
  2. Status: Reserved - Commission slot 2 for Squiggly