Aces' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


I will not charge any money until a story is completed unless the story has a deadline. When the story nears its completion, I will contact you to let you know. When it's done, I will wait until money is received before posting the final product. If the story turns out not to be as lengthy as I expected, you will receive a discount accordingly. We should always have a ballpack estimate of how long you want the story to be, such as 5-6 pages. Exception to this rule if I am writing an ongoing series.

I also accept commissions for artwork as trade for my work. If you want to offer an art for writing trade, inform me. The prior conditions still apply.

Digital story commissions are non-refundable. All stories will be posted on unless specified otherwise by the commission customer. I maintain rights to post, share, and distribute any stories that I create unless otherwise specified by the customer.

If you want a commission expected to exceed 10 pages, I may demand half the payment in advance.

I reserve the right to post any commissioned stories to my gallery unless agreed otherwise in advance with the commission's buyer.

Will Do / Won't Do

My ability:
- 50-60 words per minute.
- Fluent in the English Language.
- Over 12 years of roleplaying and writing experience.
- Often researches topics I am unfamiliar with before writing them (for example; I've never been in the military, but if I wrote a story about being in the army, I'd look up information to make it believable to anyone who has been in the army).
- Excellence in Creative Writing Award.

Will do:
- Character backgrounds.
- Short stories.
- Multi-chapter stories (if I like the characters I'm dealing with).
- Editing/correcting jobs for other peoples' stories (it's pretty cheap at only $1 a page).

Likes to do:
- Things with soft vore
- Things with digestion
- Things with weight gain
- Things with actual plot (like a long-term series)
- Things with plot -and- vore!

Won't do:
- Cockvore
- Massive crossovers
- Herm characters
- Diapers
- Sexual themes with children characters
- Stories with characters that are from real life (unless you're a friend who I know well).


Short stories: $15 per page.
Multi-chapter stories: $10 per page (usually 6 pages per chapter).
Hard deadlines: +$5 per page.

Proof reading services are also offered. If you've written your own story or a comic and you just want me to go through it and search for mistakes, that's $1 per page.

Because of the nature of writing commissions, it is impossible to give a proper price until work is finished. I will give you a ballpark estimate depending on the complexity of the story. The final price will be set and paid when the rough draft of the story is finished.

If you are an artist yourself, not only do I accept trades, but I also accept collaborations to make illustrated stories or comics! If you're doing one of these, and we both like the idea for a story, the writing is free as long as the comic is free.


PM me on the forums.


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  2. Status: Awaiting Payment - Ouroboros for various crowd-funding customers
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