Adrena's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


I only take transactions through Paypal.

Will Do / Won't Do

[WILLING TO DRAW:] Soft vore [X-ray], Semihard vore [no x-ray], Unbirth, Incest, Inflation, Stomach deformation, Impregnation, Pregnant. (There are plenty of stuff im willing to draw but if you are looking for something specific you can allways ask!)

[NOT WILLING TO DRAW] Scat, Gory Hard-vore [where death is vissable] (there isn't a lot of things I wouldt draw, And Nothing is written in stone, with the right charisma LVL and enought Bottle caps and Pre-War money I might change my mind)


FULL BODY & SHADING: [70$] [30$ per extra character]

VORE ART FULL BODY & SHADING: [70$ For main character] [30$ per extra character]

I do accept art trades! (but only if I see fit)


I would like for you to contact me here, if interested in a purchase.
I'll look at my PM dayly to make sure no'one gets overseen.


  1. Status: In Progress - UNKNOWN for Cydronix
  2. Status: Reserved - UNKNOWN for LOVE_vore
  3. Status: Reserved - UNKNOWN for Professor
  4. Status: Open for Commission - OPEN for UNKNOWN
  5. Status: Open for Commission - OPEN for UNKNOWN
  6. Status: Open for Commission - OPEN for UNKNOWN
  7. Status: Open for Trade - OPEN for UNKNOWN