AkaiFenneku's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


About payment:
-Max. 2 characters per piece. This might increase in a future though. The extra character is +5€ to the base price.*
-For asking questions, you may send me a note or comment on a journal. Once you provide information about the commission you'd like to ask for, I'll send you my Paypal.
-Prices are in euros. Make sure to use a converter for your currency if it's different from mine.
-Payment comes before I get to work on the drawing.

About content:
-My anthro characters follow a Zootopia-like design, lacking human features such as breasts/pectorals, abs and human-like genitalia, and are simply plantigrade animals. Their genitals are always similar to or the same as the animal they are.
-Likewise, my kemonomimi designs include genitalia from the animal they are hybrids with.
-There's a chance something that might interest you for me to draw isn't included in this list. Feel free to ask me in case it's something I missed to put here!
-All my art is colored and shaded.

*In terms of vore, this only applies if you want me to draw an internal shot of the character inside the other character's belly. If there's no internal shot, it'll count as only one character in the picture.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will Do:
-Canon x canon character
-OC x OC
-Anthro/feral characters (granted they can verbally communicate/have human intelligence)
-M/F, M/M, F/F
-Cis and trans/nonbinary characters
-Stuffing/feeding (granted it's not exaggerated)
-Light weight-gain
-Supernatural creatures, hybrids, kemonomimi (humans with animal ears and tail)
-Endosoma-type soft vore
-Size difference and same-size
-Human eating a prey animal/human hybrid
-Bedroom roleplay, light BDSM
-Hypnosis (can be interlaced with vore)
-Cum inflation/breeding
-Transformation (granted it's from a human/hybrid into an animal)

Won't do:
-Scat/watersports or vomit
-Anything involving incest, blood-related or adoptive
-Underage characters
-DDLG and similar variants
-Canon character x OC
-Human eating a predator animal, or prey animal eating a human or predator animal
-Graphical depictions of digestion*
-Hard vore
-Nonconsensual sex/abuse (includes dub-con)
-Sexualized pregnancy
-Exaggerated fetishes like massive weight-gain, gaping, vore where the belly conforms the 90% of the body, etc
-Huge breasts/hourglass body types
-Cock vore, breast/nipple vore, navel vore, ear vore, etc

*I will not draw internal shots depicting the process of digestion, neither will I add dialogue that the prey character is getting digested, but I can draw the belly gurgling and imply that digestion is indeed happening.


SFW art:

Full body with no background (either transparent or white): 15€

Full body with a gradient or more complex background: 20€

NSFW art:

Full body with no background (either transparent or white): 20€

Full body with a gradient or more complex background: 25€


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open